Is 1st Movers a long distance UK wide Removals Specialist?

We specialise in home and office removals, and we do conduct a lot of UK wide removals, whether that makes us long distance removals specialist or not, we don’t know. And on a separate note, we carry out removals to Europe as well; be it Spain, France, Netherlands, or Lithuania we shall take you there.


London and Scotland

We are based in Edinburgh, and we are the most popular choice of Edinburgh residents for moving down to London, and since we are down in London so frequently, Londoners wanting to move up to Edinburgh – or Scotland in general – choose us, because removal companies in London are much more dearer than us.

London to Scotland

With London to Edinburgh moves, came London to Glasgow and Aberdeen moves. For Glasgow, we can take the M6-M74 and go to Glasgow first before coming to Edinburgh – as opposed to taking the A1 directly to Edinburgh. Or if a day time delivery is preferred, we would simply go back to Edinburgh, and make a quick day trip to Glasgow during the following day.

For London to Aberdeen moves, we collect the contents and bring them up to Edinburgh on day 1, and the following day, we would make a trip to Aberdeen to deliver the contents. Since we are in the middle of London and Aberdeen, it is convenient for us to pickup in day time in London, drive to Edinburgh, and deliver during day time in Aberdeen the following day. This allows the customers to come up conveniently as well, even if they are driving up themselves. Vans take slightly longer than cars, as drivers have to take mandatory breaks etc. so it would give customers enough time to get to the new house before we would.

The most popular destinations in Scotland are Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Inverness in stated order, however, we have conducted moves to Isle of Lewis and Harris in outer Hebrides as well and that is as far as UK goes. It isn’t just north of Scotland, we actually do a fair bit of moves to Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire, be it from England or from within Scotland, plenty of people from Ayrshire move to Edinburgh, there is plenty of traffic between the two cities.


England and ScotlandEngland to Scotland

Whilst majority of our customers in England come from London that is only because London has a population of over 8 Million, and is the busiest city of the country only because of its sheer volume. Otherwise, common destinations in England are spread all over the place, there is not a city that we have not been to, be it something as prominent as Oxford or Cambridge, or places in East Anglia (Ipswich, Suffolk) etc. Or the southern coast; all the way from Dover to Bournemouth, covering Brighton/Hove, Portsmouth and Southampton, some customers wanted to go as far as Isle of Wight and we were happy to oblige.  We have conducted trips to and from Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay, so that part of England is not immune to moving to Scotland, and some people in Scotland like moving there hoping to get some more sunshine.

Although it would appear that bigger cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle etc. have gone without a mention that is not the case. It’s just that we treat them as all being on the way to London, or they are simply day trips from Edinburgh, which keep things simple.


Scotland and Wales

Most of the trips down to Wales are still Wales bound, its mainly customers from Edinburgh – and sometimes other cities – that we move to Wales. The most common destinations in Wales are Cardiff, Swansea and Newport but that obviously does not come with a surprise. These are the most populated areas. We have noticed that people moving to Wales do move to countryside, a lot of them going in the absolutely middle of nowhere and sometimes just outside bigger cities and towns, but it appears to be the case more closer to the national parks of Snowdonia  and Brecon Beacons.

Scotland and Wales

Once we had a delivery in Aberystwyth and on the way back some stuff had to be dropped off in a small village in the middle of Snowdonia called Llanberis (Pronounced as Khenberis), and we were forced to stay there for the night; the one thing my colleagues will vouch for is that there  can be nothing better than a free work night stay in Snowdonia.

Ever since last year, we have been commissioned to bring people up to Scotland as well, which means that either people have started moving to Scotland from Wales, or they have started finding us suitable for their relocation from Wales to Scotland. Either way, we are delighted that we get to see more of Wales’ beautiful countryside.


Scotland and Ireland

When it comes to logistics, it’s impossible to make a distinction between the north and the south or Ireland, whilst some might only just go to Belfast, others move to Dublin, there is plenty of traffic between Dublin and Edinburgh.Ireland and Scotland

Going to Dublin from Edinburgh takes a full day, literally. We leave Edinburgh early, and it would take 3 hours to get to the ferry terminal in Cairnryan, another hour before the Ferry departs, and just over another two hours for the Ferry to reach Belfast. And because there are only 5 crossing to Belfast sometime it saves time to go to Larne instead, which takes an extra 30 mins to drive to Belfast and a total of 2.5 hours to drive from Larne to Dublin. In total it would take us between 7 to 8 hours to get to Belfast and around 10 hours to get to Dublin. We normally make our way back the following day, whether it’s coming back to Scotland or going to England via Dublin to Holyhead, it all depends on the logistical plan and where we may be required.

Brexit and the Irish back stop is another factor looming on the Nation’s future, so that might affect things in all sort of ways. Like most businesses we are concerned whether it would affect our removals from Scotland to the Dublin – or the republic of Ireland in general.

Recently we made a trip to the far end of Ring of Kerry, and the sights along the way are stunning. We have been to the west coast of Ireland, and Donegal, Sligo and Galway are all so beautiful. If you are moving to Ireland you can be rest assured that it is a beautiful country to move to, and we shall be very glad to make that trip for you.



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