Our Services

We are an Edinburgh based Removal company providing moving services all over the UK. We provide a number of moving services as well as additional services. All services come with our transparent pricing ethos, and upfront pricing. See below for our services.

Domestic Removals:

Domestic removal service are suitable for private clients moving their houses. We assist you with moving your contents from your home into your new home. House moves are different to office or commercial moves and we are very familiar with the nature of house moves. For instance, pets and children have to be taken into consideration during house moves. Similarly, garden tools, loose items in the garage and loft need to be considered too. If you are considering moving your house, or contents between houses, or even into storage or back, we can help. First Movers is a good choice for your house moving needs, as we have the necessary expertise, transparent pricing, local knowledge and a very friendly team. We can assist you locally within Edinburgh or take you to England or even parts of Europe.

Office Removals:

Office moving can be a stressful experience, so make sure you select an expert office removals company such as First Movers Ltd to ensure your office relocation goes off without a hitch! We take pride in helping businesses move their precious records and files, office equipment and furniture, with the minimum of fuss, while taking maximum care. Business relocation is specialised and you should also engage a company that is familiar with moving businesses.

Long Distance Removals:

We provide long distance and nationwide removals service all over the UK and beyond. We regularly provide removal services between England and Scotland. If you are moving to Scotland from England or going down to England from Scotland we can help. Our most common trips are removals from London to Scotland. Within those London to Glasgow moves being the most common. But Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and St Andrews are very common destinations for people coming up from England and Wales.

We also conduct removals to and from Wales. Edinburgh to Cardiff and Swansea are very common routes, in both directions. We make these trips regularly. So whether you are coming to Scotland or going to Wales, either way 1st Movers can assist with your removal.

We also cover Ireland, whether it is northern Ireland or the republic of Ireland, we cover it. It goes without saying that most people moving to the republic, move from Edinburgh to Dublin. There is plenty of traffic between Belfast and Edinburgh too, we regularly conduct Edinburgh to Belfast removals. Don’t let that make you think that it is only the popular cities. We have moved Scottish customer to Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Arklow and in between.

Even if you are moving to far off areas of Scotland like outer Hebrides you can rely on our services. In the past we have moved people to Isle of Islay and Isle of Tiree, and going to Isle Skype is routine business. It is surprising as to how many people move from Isle of Skye to Edinburgh.

In short, if you are moving to, from, or within Scotland, we have it covered. Just give us a call and our friendly team would be glad to assist.


Piano Removals:

We move pianos, including Concert Grand Painos, so yes, that makes us piano moving experts. Whether it is an upright piano, a baby grand or a concert grand piano, we move them all. Most of our piano removals are in Edinburgh and statistically the same is true for piano disposals in Edinburgh. Having said that, do not underestimate the amount of piano removals in Glasgow.