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With the emphasis on ‘service’, our Edinburgh to Birmingham removals service is great value for money, as you’ll come to appreciate after glancing over this page. If what we describe appeals, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0131 3321373 or submit your requirements online, and we’ll get back, pronto, with a great, no-obligations quote for transporting your possessions safely and smoothly to the Midlands.


Part-Load Edinburgh to Birmingham Removals: More Economical Than You Might Think

If you want to relocate to Birmingham from Edinburgh with only a handful of items, you may be hesitating between posting them or using a removals service, fearing that the cost of hiring a van may be prohibitive.

Birmingham skyline. If you're moving from Edinburgh to Birmingham the change in scenery may take some getting used to, but with our Edinburgh to Birmingham removals service the move itself should not be a challenge!

Well, we have an answer to that: we can find someone else also needing only a few belongings moved from the Lothians to the Midlands, and so fill our van and reduce your individual expenses to the minimum. Our part-load Edinburgh to Birmingham removals service may even come in at under £200, but please discuss your needs with us by phone (0131 3321373), or describe them on our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll get back without delay with a free quote!

P.S. Part-load does not mean poor service: we’ll take excellent care of your belongings, just as if you were our only commissioner! As you might expect, though, you may need to give us a little room to manoeuvre with regard to the dates as we’ll have the other client’s requirements to consider as well as yours.


Everything Needing Moving from Edinburgh to Birmingham? We Can Time Things Just as You Require

If you are moving the contents of several rooms you’ll be getting a van to yourself. This means that we only need to consider your diary and needs and no one else’s. Give us a time to arrive at your Edinburgh address and we’ll be there, move your stuff into the van with our professional care, and unload it all in perfect condition at a pre-agreed time in Birmingham.

Moving From Edinburgh To Birmingham 

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Problems With the Property Chain in Birmingham? Delayed Entry Needn’t Be a Major Setback

Your heart may be sinking because you have just found out that a property transfer in Birmingham has fallen through. It’s in the same chain as you, and it’s affected the time you’ll get the keys for your new home, but you still have to leave your Edinburgh property as arranged.

Edinburgh to Birmingham removals

Now you’ll need to organise storage as well as two separate removals: to storage from your Edinburgh property, and later from storage to your new Birmingham premises. Groan!

No, you don’t need to do this, because we can sort it all for you! Yes, our integrated storage option means that we empty your Edinburgh property on the day you want, we take it all to first-class storage facilities (which we organise for you), and then when you let us know you can finally move in, we collect your belongings from storage, transport and unload them, with our usual high standards of care, at your new address in Birmingham. The only thing we don’t do is find temporary lodging for you!


Edinburgh to Birmingham Removals PLUS! Multiple Destinations No Issue

Here’s something you may not have thought about. Moving is supposed to be a stressful experience, but it can also be an opportunity. If you’re hiring a big van to move all your things from Edinburgh to Birmingham, perhaps you’re moving boxes with items or furniture that you no longer need, which we could drop off for you with a friend, relative or even charity along the way? Or maybe you want some things picked up? We can take a turn by Haddington, Berwick, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Stafford, Wolverhampton or wherever you wish, and collect and deliver along the way.




Moving From Edinburgh To Birmingham 

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(We’re hoping at some point to link a blog article here: ‘Edinburgh to Birmingham: beyond the Bullring’.)

Edinburgh to Birmingham Removals – Tailored For YouMove

If you’re moving from Edinburgh to Birmingham, the above will have given you some idea of what we can do for you, but please let us know if there is something not covered above which you require.

 Other things we can do include piano removals, office removals, cleaning premises, and packing. If there’s anything else we might do to make your moving easier, we’re happy to listen to requests. We can generally give our customers all they want, and at a great price!

So please call us on 0131 3321373, or give us the relevant details through our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll do whatever we reasonably can to give you great service at a great price. We hope you will give us a chance to prove that there is no need to hire a man with a van from Edinburgh to Birmingham when a professional company is happy to help for the same pr

Finally, let us wish you all the best with your Edinburgh to Birmingham move! (We hope to be part of it!)



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