5 things to do before your van turns up!


Packing items

Moving is a stressful task, and sometime people are unsure as to what they should do before the movers arrive, so here are some tips:


Reserve a Parking Space:

This would highly depend on how central or congested yoParking spaceur area is. But if parking close to the property can be an issue, please inform us before hand so we can arrange a parking suspension from the council. But if you can ensure that there is somewhere to park the van just outside the house/flat, it will really help to load/unload the contents swiftly and safely.

In a privately shared car park area, you can always use a cone to reserve a Parking near your place, so long as you can keep some space for the van to sit, so the guys are not surprised with the distance between the van and the property. The lesser the distance, the easier the removal becomes.


Box Everything You Can:

If you have been packing yourself, it would be good to ensure that you have boxed as many things as possible, you will soon realize that it is difficult to stack loose items and they can start filling the van space easily, the more boxes, the easier it becomes to stack things hence utilizing the vehicle space more effectively. And please don’t forget to label the boxes, you don’t want your kitchen boxes to end up in your bedroom and vice versa.




Packing Items

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Keep Passages Clear:

It is inevitable that movers will need to be back and forth between your property and the vehicle, and having a clear access means that we can get on with the loading easily and items can be transported safely. It can be unsure and can take longer to negotiate through heaps of stuff in a property, however, just by being a little mindful, one can keep the access clear and facilitate the overall smoothness of the move. Having clear access allows removal men to do their job swiftly as well as adds to the safety of the items being transported.


Kids and Pets:

Your house becomes a hazardous site on the moving day; there are boxes stacked on top of each other, pieces of furniture lying around, large mirrors leaning against the walls, and other household appliances finally ready to make an outdoor journey. In all of this, add kids and pets freely navigating through the maze of your belongings and this can be a recipe for a potential accidents. Kids and PetsIf you have a choice, leave the kids with family, aunt, uncle, grandparent and let them have fun whilst you perform the laborious, boring tasks involved in a move. The same applies to pets which can prove to be much dangerous than kids, especially if you have a cat. Cats are a super curious species and they shall be attempting to map any changes in their surrounding through the use of their nose, keep them in their basket if you have one, or lock them in one room, whilst the movers remove the contents from the rest of the property.

You will notice that the move shall be much safer and quicker without the kids’ presence as opposed to be them running around everywhere.


Personal Items and Important Paperwork:

Make a small personal bag or two. Personal items like jewelry, gold etc. should be packed separately to travel in your hand luggage; the same applies to any cash and other valuable things such a wrist watches. Your passport and any cash at home, should also be in your personal bag. This is a bag that shall travel with you as opposed to the back of the van, and you shall be taking this bag with you in a car, train or plane. You can even learn more about packing on our previous discussions.


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