If you have some questions you are not alone, most people will have questions before they can go ahead and book a move, sometimes even after they have booked one. To put your mind at ease we have listed some questions that we are frequently asked.

This section is updated regularly, please read these FAQs carefully as they also form part of Terms & Conditions. If your question is not answered below, please call us on 01313321373 and we will be happy to assist.


  • Do you provide your removals services over the weekend?
    Yes, to help our customers we operate on Saturday and Sunday. However, we do recommend booking well in advance due to high demand over weekends.
  • I finish work at 5pm, can you help me move at 6pm?
    Yes, we can assist with short removals (3 hours or less) after 5pm.
  • How far in advance do I have to book my removal?
    If you need to book a removal within Edinburgh, full house or office removals must be done at a minimum of  3  days before. Otherwise we would advise you to book at a minimum of 7 days before. However, we can also book on a 1st come 1st serve basis given there is an availability.
  • What if I have to change my moving date and time?
    We can then move your booking date. This is done subject to availability and moves may be subject to cancellations.
  • What if I have to cancel my job?
  • All cancellations incur a £45 administration charge. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further details.



  • How do I pay? Can I pay cash on the day?
    Yes, you can pay the driver cash at the delivery end, once the job has been completed.
  • Can I pay by Cheque?
    We accept payments by cheque. However, cheques have to be paid seven days in advance for the money to clear before the move, unless otherwise agreed in advance. Only cash will be acceptable without prior arrangements.
  • Can I pay using a debit/credit card?
    We do accept payment by cards. However, card payments have to be agreed in advance, and they incur an extra 3.5% processing charge. Drivers do not have a processing machine on the days, and someone in the office will have to process the transaction, usually prior to the move.  Only cash will be acceptable without prior arrangement.
  • Can I pay directly into your bank account?
    Yes, you are welcome to pay directly into our business bank account. We bank with RBS and HSBC. The payment will need to be cleared one day prior to the job commencement.



  • There has been a delay with my keys, will I be charged extra? 
    If we have provided a fixed quote we expect to be able to carry out the job without delay or interruption. If there is a delay with the keys or the previous occupiers are still vacating the property and we have to wait before we can access the property. The waiting time shall be charged separately and is not included in the quote by default; our standard hourly rate will apply to waiting times.
    If you are paying by the hour, you will be charged from the start to the finish time including any waiting time. Please do not assume that waiting time is free and will not be charged. If the delay is beyond your control and was caused due to a third party please contact your solicitor they are usually able to claim any extra charges incurred due to the delay.



  • I don’t know the parking situation outside my property. What should I do?
    Parking outside all collection and delivery addresses is customer’s responsibility and any potential parking penalties will be added to the final price of the move. ParkingFor on street parking, we advise you to contact your local council for further details. Edinburgh Council grants parking dispensations free of cost or suspensions for £40. You can reach Edinburgh Council on 0131-557-6941.




  • Where can I buy insurance to cover my goods during transit?
    Most home insurances would cover your goods during transit, when moving home. We strongly recommend that you check with your home insurance to ensure you are covered. Our quotes or offers do not, by default, include insurance to cover your goods; please enquire if you would like us to arrange various levels of cover for you. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for further details.
  • But I have seen other moving companies offering inclusive goods in transit insurance?
    Please bear in mind that routine Goods in Transit Insurances comes with a number of conditions, such as:
  • Valued inventory: you need to provide a detailed list of contents with their respective values before the commencement of the move. If you do not provide these details in advance, the contents cannot be covered
  • Boxed contents: Most policies would not cover boxed contents, unless they were packed by the removal firm using appropriate packing materials and protections. A common example is television without a box.
  • Excess: There still maybe access charges to pay, enquire with the company if they are willing to cover excess in case of a dispute.

If a moving company has not asked you for the valued inventory, or offered professional packing service, then you may not be covered. If they still claim you are, it might be worth asking a copy of the terms and conditions from their insurance company. But, please do not be misled to believe that your contents can be insured without even stating their value.



  • Do you supply boxes?
    For our customers looking for boxes, we have arranged special discount for our customers. If you are looking for packing boxes, we recommend using www.boxes2move.com.  In the shopping cart use the code firstmovers1 and you will get a 10% discount – this cannot be done at the checkout and must be done when selecting the item. Boxes 2 MoveYou can use this discount code over the phone 0844-2259698.They also offer free next day delivery on all orders over £35.
  • I was looking for free boxes. Can I avoid having to buy them?

    We are a green company and believe in recycling. We used to provide boxes for free so customers could use them. Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons we cannot recycle and reuse boxes any more. You will appreciate if someone packed their shoes in a box, you would not want to pack your kitchen utensils in them. We would not want to inadvertently facilitate that.

    TescoSainsbury’sWaitrose and other retail stores sometimes serve as a good source of free used boxes and cartons. You might want to visit your closest one.

  • I am moving a few varied size boxes, and you have quoted me for 20 boxes, is there a size of box I should adhere to?
    We understand that when packing it isn’t always possible to control the box size due to a number of reasons. Although we do not specify a box size, please ensure that it is the size and weight that you can lift comfortably, if you can’t lift it, the chances are the removal men – as strong as they may be – may struggle too. So an ideal size would be 18x18x18 inches, but if you have lighter items with volume you can also use 18x24x24 (double walled) but don’t pack them with books or they might get too heavy, and ensure to get double walled boxes, so they are sturdy enough.
    In short, a box should be something that one person can lift, if you have a Fridge boxed in a carton, it would be considered a Fridge not a box, and would need resources, care and attention that a fridge requires. When we quote you for boxes, we are quoting for boxes that can be lifted by one person.
    If you have travel suitcases which may be slightly larger, it is okay, as long as they have handles to lift them, it would be ideal to mention them though so we can calculate the space accordingly.




  • Can I travel with the van driver?
    If there is room for a passenger, yes, but at your own risk. Whilst your contents are insured during transit, we are not insured to carry passengers, and we do not encourage you to travel without insurance.
  • Can I help the porters load/unload to save time?
    Certainly, you can. Nevertheless, should you decide to handle the contents, our goods in transit insurance will not be applicable. Our insurance company does not extend to customers handling their own goods, therefore, you will be responsible for the safety of your goods. In situations where customers help, there is no mechanism available to determine whether a particular item was moved by our staff or by the customer, therefore, the insurance is invalidated for the entire move. The above is applicable only if you have taken out goods in transit insurance with us, please bear in mind your contents are not covered by default. Please see the Insurance section in our terms and conditions for further details.
  • I want have booked a removal with you, what does that include?
    Our removal service by default includes, loading, transporting and offloading the contents. However, it does not include, packing, packing materials, unpacking, cleaning, insurance or other services that we provide. All other services will have to be specifically mentioned and booked at the time of the booking.
    If you have booked a removal only, please do not expect us to be packing the contents, or unpacking them or cleaning the property at either end. These services can be requested at the time of enquiring or even after the booking for an additional charge.
    Here is Elena, explaining the broad moving terminology:https://youtu.be/TmfkU4ZMgOw
  • Will be you able to dismantle my bed, wardrobe and garden shed?
    Whilst our porters are willing to help whenever they can, please bear in mind that they are not trained or insured to carry our furniture dismantling or assembly, and any requests beyond moving goods are performed at our customers’ personal risk. We are not joiners and carry very limited tools in our vans, therefore, please keep at hand Allen keys, screw drivers, drills etc. should you need assistance with dismantling and assembling.
  • I understand that you move pianos. Do you provide piano tuning services as well?
    Although we do not provide piano tuning services ourselves, but, we recommend Malcolm Smith Pianos Ltd. They have been tuning pianos throughout Scotland since 1979 and provide high quality service and good value for money. For further details, visit www.mspianos.co.uk.
  • You moved me down to London. Now, I am relocating back to Edinburgh. Can you recommend an estate agent who can assist with finding a flat, and a regular cleaning company?
    We collaborate with a range of local companies, click here to see recommended local businesses.



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