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    Whether it’s the end of your tenancy or you have just sold your house, the property needs a clean before keys are exchanged.  You may have planned to clean the house yourself, however, after you finish packing you may think differently and start having second thoughts – packing is exhausting and clearly quantifies the extent of unpacking.  

    Ten minutes into the new property and the first thing you want to get on with is unpacking, not cleaning the last property.  The humongous task of unpacking has dawned upon you and now you wish some Genie could clean the last property.  Let that Genie be 1st Cleaning – our cleaning service.


    It doesn’t always have to be your old property, it could be your new house, a property  you let or even the house you live in; we do not presume that all cleaning customer are moving, we offer standard cleaning services for rental properties and regular cleaning for your home.

    We started offering cleaning services because our moving customers would ask for it and we had to turn them down.


    How It Works

    Free no Obligation Quote:  We would normally like to visit a property to provide a cleaning quote especially if we are cleaning the carpets. It is a free no obligation quote. We just need the address and your availability.

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