London to Glasgow Removals

If you are moving from London to Glasgow, there is no better idea then to hire a Scottish removal company to move your contents to your new home.

London To Glasgow RemovalsWe do London to Glasgow runs fairly frequently, and vice versa, see our Glasgow to London Removals page if you are doing the reverse journey. And if you want to move to Edinburgh, then see London to Edinburgh Removals page.

We can assist with full house moves, same day removals, or part loads. Whatever your moving needs just feel free to enquire.

Moving From London To Glasgow

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Needing a removal from London to Glasgow or the other way around? – Perfect! Here are 8 Joys of moving from London to Glasgow! And the compromises you will make. 

We make these London to Glasgow trips fortnightly, and sometimes weekly or biweekly in busy periods. This makes us very familiar with the routes, and this also means that we can bring up part loads for you, whether you’re moving a few student boxes or some furniture items for a family member.

We would also workout cheaper compared to moving companies
in London, because the distance traveled both ways is the same,
but companies up in Scotland are cheaper than the
removals services providers Workin London and suburbs; our cost of operations is cheaper than our counterparts in London. However, we suggest you choose a professional company over a man with a van from London to Glasgow anyway.

We take pride in being reasonably priced for our customers; you shall notice that in our removal quotes from London to Glasgow. You can fill in this totally free no obligation Quote Form and we can give you a price for your move. It costs nothing and shall only take a minute. Don’t forget to read our blogpost Compromises in moving from London to Glasgow‘.

Don’t worry if you are not exactly coming up from London, we bring customers up from along the way like Milton Keynes, Northampton, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester or Preston, and even from further away like Brighton, Portsmouth etc. Cardiff, Cambridge and East Angelia are all covered just like the rest of the UK. We can also take you to Edinburgh or any other Scottish city.

We also provided storage, so if you cannot move your stuff in right away, we can store the contents for you and deliver them at a suitable time, our storage facility is in Edinburgh and our storage prices are pretty reasonable too. Check out our Storage Facilities Page for more details.


As mentioned above, if you only have a few items for which it may not be worth hiring a dedicated van from London to Glasgow, then so long as you are flexible about pickup and delivery dates, we can match your job with other customers and bring your items up together, it works cost effective and it feels good when more than 1 person can share the cost, making our journey more carbon efficient.

Part Load prices can vary from £150 – £500 depending on the amount of items you have and the destination.

Please fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote – Part Loads are cost friendly! And the best option if you are flexible with dates.

We look forward to helping you relocate to Glasgow from London!

Further services we offer, in addition to our London to Glasgow removals service/, are office removals, professional piano removals, cleaning and packing. Need we point out that the last two can be very useful complements to our home removals service?

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