Cambridge to Edinburgh Removals

Needing a first-rate Cambridge to Edinburgh removals service? We can help! With UK-wide experience, we are the ones to help with moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh (or vice versa). See below what we can do, and be sure to request a no-obligations, free quote.

Part-Loads: Keeping It Affordable

If you’re needing a Cambridge to Edinburgh removals service, but are only moving a few boxes, two furniture items or other small possessions, please don’t be worried about the cost, because we offer a low-cost part-load service.

Cambridge to Edinburgh removals

How can we do this? Simple: by helping more than one part-load client at a time. We shall still treat your precious possessions professionally and move your stuff with great care. You’ll just need to give us a little leeway with the timing as we have to suit someone else too.

How much will it cost? Depending on how much you want us to move from Cambridge to Edinburgh for you, it might be less than £200, but we suggest you phone 0131 3321373 so that we can discuss your requirements and come up with a plan and a no-obligations quote. If you prefer to do things via the internet, please visit our Online Enquiry Form.

A Full Van-Load Means a Tailored Service

If you’re taking all you own from the ancient university city of Cambridge to the ancient university city of Edinburgh, you’ll probably need to hire a whole van. This means the only person we need to consider is you, allowing us to time collection and delivery to suit your schedule. We would be happy to help you relocate to Edinburgh from Cambridge! (See our blog article: Thoughts on Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh’.)

Ultimate Convenience: Collections and Deliveries Along the Way, Plus Integrated Storage

Needing more than a Cambridge to Edinburgh removals service? We’re happy to collect and deliver from and to anywhere near or between these places – yes, we mean we can do multiple collections and deliveries if necessary: Huntingdon, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Bourne, Lincoln, Grantham, Nottingham, Leeds, Durham, Newcastle, Berwick – you name it!move

Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh, but the dates make things awkward? Don’t worry. If you have to vacate your Cambridge premises before your new Edinburgh property is free, we can collect your things and store them for you, delivering them when it’s best for you. Check out our integrated storage service!

We also offer a professional piano removal service, and do office removals too. Furthermore, we can clean properties for you, and do all your packing!

Cambridge To Edinburgh Removals

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Let Us Take the Stress Out of Cambridge to Edinburgh Removals!

Moving home is seldom pleasant or easy. Let us help you make moving to Edinburgh from Cambridge the exception. We are experienced at long-distance removals and pride ourselves on listening to our clients and addressing all their concerns. You might have thought that hiring a man with a van from Cambridge to Edinburgh is in any case cheaper than hiring a professional company, but it’s not. Get a quote from 1stMovers with no strings attached and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you have questions not answered on this website, then please call 0131 3321373 and we’ll come up with a plan to suit, along with integrated storage if necessary.

Alternatively, tell us what you are looking for in a Cambridge to Edinburgh removals service through our Online Enquiry Form, and we’ll do our best to answer all your queries promptly and give you a free quote.

Good luck with your Cambridge to Edinburgh move! (And don’t forget to read ‘Thoughts on Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh’!)

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