Piano Disposal Edinburgh

We are a piano moving specialist company and with that come the requests to dispose of pianos. It is also a service that we provide.

It is always sad to get rid of a piano, and we understand that it is a difficult choice for some piano owners to make, but if you are moving home, not all properties are suitable for pianos, and not all pianos are suitable to be used forever, and inevitably there is a time, one needs to let go of that beloved piano. WHY NOT TO DO EDINBURGH PIANO MOVES YOURSELF!

Piano disposal unlike the common belief are just as tricky as a standard piano removal, because we have to be careful to protect the property, surrounding and the man power involved. You can read more about why piano disposals cost as much as piano moves.

We provide a piano disposal service 7 days a week, just ask for our availability. Just give us a call for a quote, and we shall take it away for you, and donate it, donate it for parts, or take it to the skip, whichever is appropriate.

If you manage to find a place that would accept it, like a local school, church or a local charity, we can move it there as well, in which case it would rule out the possibility of the piano going to a skip.

Please find the standard prices below for Piano disposals. In most cases we do deal with disposals on a case by case basis some may be cheaper to dispose then others or vice versa. But the price below shall give you some indication of costs involved.

Disposal of an Upright Piano with in Edinburgh

Standard Price: £200 all – inclusive

If on the 1st Floor add £25 = £225

If on the 2nd Floor add £50 = £250

and so forth…

Outside the Bypass:

If you require a disposal but are not based in Edinburgh or within the A720 Bypass give us a call and we shall arrange an appropriate time & date to suit us or the same rates shall apply with an additional charge.

We deal with all Piano Disposals whether it’s an upright, Baby Grand or Grand piano disposal, You may enquire for further information by filling out this form or giving us a call on 0131 332 1373.

Please be advised not everyone is suitable to dispose of a piano as it still requires special attention and care, to protect the property, surroundings and the man power involved. You can read more about why piano disposals cost as much as or more than piano removals here.

We also tried our best to exhaust all options before finally taking the piano to a dump, we have connection with piano specialists and if they see fit to strip a piano apart and use it for parts, we donate the pianos to them. It’s a shame to just dump pianos into a skip, and whilst we reluctantly have to do that sometimes, we still share your views, and try our best to donate them for parts etc.