Edinburgh to Aberdeen Removals

Aberdeen has lots of beautiful parks, which you'll be able to appreciate at your leisure after using our Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service.

Leaving Auld Reekie for the Silver City?

If you’re here, the chances are you’ll have been looking for a good Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service. Well, your search is over!

We offer a competitive Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service: quality service at a great price. This ought to be clear from the information on this web page. Have a look, then phone us on 0131 3321373, or enquire using our Online Quote Form. You won’t have to wait long for a comprehensive and very reasonable quote for a highly professional service. You might be surprised to find out that going with a professional company can be cheeper than hiring a man with a van from Edinburgh to Aberdeen!

Moving home from Edinburgh to Aberdeen

If you’re moving home, you’ll need our most popular Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service

If you plan to relocate to Aberdeen from Edinburgh, emptying a sizeable property, we’ll be assigning you the full capacity of at least one of your vans. We’ll turn up bang on time at your Edinburgh address, and move all your furniture, boxes and other possessions into the van, speedily but with professional care. Then we’ll drive north, arriving at your Aberdeen address at the agreed time. Next, we’ll unpack our van and follow your instructions as you tell us where you want everything placed. In a surprisingly short time you’ll be installed in your new Aberdeen home and wondering why people say that moving is stressful!

Bargain part-load Edinburgh to Aberdeen Removals

1stMovers' part-load Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service costs less than you might think.

We can offer you a surprisingly good deal if you’re only wanting a few items moved. Your own possessions won’t fill one of our vans, but the chances are we’ll be able to find someone else also seeking a part-load removals service from Aberdeenshire to the Lothians area. We can then pair you up and split the van’s overheads, keeping costs down.

Although our part-load Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals service is inexpensive, we’ll give your belongings the same professional care and move your stuff as if you were our only customer. The one concession you might have to make is with regard to the date: your first choice might not be possible because we have to consider two clients’ requirements.

Edinburgh To Aberdeen Removals

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Entry delayed? Our integrated storage option rides to the rescue!

Can’t get the keys for your Aberdeen address until some time after you have to vacate your Edinburgh property? It’s understandable that you’d be upset. However, with our integrated storage option this needn’t be more than a minor irritation.

We can book storage facilities for you, take all your things there, and fetch them when your Aberdeen entry date finally arrives. Just ask us, and we’ll happily take this extra weight from your shoulders for a very modest fee.

Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals plus extra services

1stMovers' Edinburgh to Aberdeen removals services includes shifting pianos.

Moving house is a good time to review whether one still needs all one’s old possessions. Perhaps you’ll be reminded of things you hid away in your attic or garage, and no longer have good reason to keep? If we’re driving all your things from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, it’s easy for us to drop things off along or near the route. Think of family or friends who might like some of your unwanted possessions, and we’ll deliver them as we go.

On the other hand, some of your acquaintances might want rid of things which you would like. We can just as easily collect such items for you! As long as we know in advance, we can pack our van and arrange our route accordingly, and this can all be done for minimal extra cost.

Other things we can do for you include piano removals and office removals, cleaning and packing.

Let us know by phone (0131 3321373), or through our Online Enquiry Form, how we might be able to help you. Our quote will probably come as very pleasant surprise!

Need something else?

Moving from Edinburgh to Aberdeen but the services outlined above don’t quite cover your needs? Don’t despair. We may well be able to come up with a plan! Call us on 0131 3321373 and we’ll explore what we can do. You can also contact us through our Online Enquiry Form.

May your Edinburgh to Aberdeen move be easy and trouble-free. 1stMovers would be delighted to help make it so!

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