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We offer superior Edinburgh to Dover removals and Dover to Edinburgh removals services.Look over what follows on this page, and then use our Online Enquiry Form, or dial 0131 3321373, to request a free quote. We guarantee a quick response!


A brilliant home removals service, whether moving from Edinburgh to Dover or moving from Dover to Edinburgh

Regardless of whether you’re moving north or south – Dover to Edinburgh, or Edinburgh to Dover – 1stMovers offers a great home removals service. With many years of long-distance removals behind us, we can promise you an easy and pleasant experience. Please go through the information below to see that you don’t need a man with a van from Dover to Edinburgh (or from Edinburgh to Dover) when you can hire a professional company to help you move for the same price.

Whether you have used our Edinburgh to Dover removals service, or our Dover to Edinburgh removals service, you'll still be near a castle on a hill!

It will reassure you to see our van pulling up at your old home at exactly the agreed time. You’ll be impressed by the professionalism of our courteous staff as they greet you and enquire if you have any particular instructions for them. Next, you’ll be pleased by the calm and methodical way they set about clearing your property and safely securing your items in our van.  Then the painless and quick nature of the loading experience will surprise you!

You’ll continue to be pleased with how things are going, as our staff keep you informed during the journey if they encounter any hold-ups on the motorway. Finally, you’ll be delighted by the proficiency of the unloading process and the willingness of our employees to move things to the precise places you point out. We are confident that you will recommend us as offering great value for money!

1stMovers also organises storage

We are a removals company and don’t own our own storage warehouse. However, we know a lot about storage facilities. We know how vital they are when there’s a delay between property exit and entry dates. We also know how much extra work it can be (as if moving home isn’t enough in itself!) to find and book reliable, economical and conveniently situated storage facilities at short notice. That’s why we have our integrated storage option.

We are delighted to offer this as an add-on to our Dover to Edinburgh removals service and Edinburgh to Dover removals service. If you won’t get the keys of your new property until some time after leaving the old one, inform us! We’ll book great storage facilities for you. Then we’ll move your stuff safely there. We’ll retrieve and deliver them, in perfect order, when you can at last enter your new home.

Dover-Edinburgh removals, and collections/deliveries along the route

1stMovers' Dover to Edinburgh removals service can include collections and deliveries en route. So can our Edinburgh to Dover removals service!

It’s a long way from Dover to Edinburgh, and just as long from Edinburgh to Dover (of course!)

If you hired 1stMovers to help you move between them, we’d be driving a large lorry all that distance. It may be that you have some acquaintances in or around Dover, in or around Edinburgh, or somewhere on or near the route between them, who could use some of your unwanted items.

If that is the case, let us know. For a small additional charge we can drop these things off with them as we are moving your boxes, furniture and other possessions from one of those places to the other. Naturally, we could collect things for you too.

This collection/delivery option is an additional and very reasonably priced service for you to consider: killing two, or more, birds with one stone, so to speak!

Edinburgh to Dover/Dover to Edinburgh

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Further Dover to Edinburgh removals services (and Edinburgh to Dover removals services)Piano removals

We haven’t yet covered all the services we offer to help those moving from Dover to Edinburgh, or moving from Edinburgh to Dover! Other things we can do include piano removals, office removals, cleaning premises, and packing. If there’s anything else we might do to make your moving easier, we’re happy to listen to requests. We can generally give our customers all they want, and at a great price!

Don’t hang about! Call us now on 0131 3321373, or describe what you need on our Online Enquiry Form. It won’t be long before you receive a very attractive free quotation. We promise there will be no hidden extra charges!

We at 1stMovers wish you all the best with your move!  (If you use our Dover to Edinburgh removals service, or our Edinburgh to Dover removals service, the chances are excellent that it will go well.)



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