5 Reasons why you should share your quotes before booking one


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5 Reasons why you should share your quotes before booking one.

Most customers would obtain a few removal quotes for their home or office removal before settling for the most suitable one. More often than not, the biggest consideration is the cost, which in an ideal world should not be weighed so heavily. But, since service is not something that can be experienced before hand, customers have no choice but to presume the quality of service to be the same and the deciding factor is usually the price, or suitable dates and timings. Even if you want to pick a company of your choice, ignoring the price, the price gap between the quotes can still put you off.

We highly recommend that you share your removal quotes with other companies who you have quoted for your removal job and here is why?


Too Good to be True

We all know the golden principle of something being too good to be true, but since you are not from the industry it is difficult for you to understand if something is indeed too good to be true. Another removal company will pick that sort of situation fairly easily, and can advise you, if the pricing sounds out of the world.

Hidden costs

There is always a price threshold below which, you would be booking ‘trouble’ as opposed to a removal. Be it hidden charges or on spot revised charges, no company will service you below the cost of conducting the move. It may understandably be difficult for you to know that threshold point, but other companies who have done the math on your removal requirements, will know that instantly. And you should make the most of their knowledge, especially when it won’t cost you anything.

In the past, we have come across quotes, where the quoted price was less than the cost of the fuel alone. This should be very alarming, and such alarms can mostly be triggered by other removal companies. And if reputable companies refuse to match those quotes, there would be a good reason why.


Like for Like

You may think that you are comparing a like for like service, but, it may well be the case, that you have  only seen the base price and there are hidden charges etc. which will be difficult for you to spot those. But removal companies will be in a slightly better position than you may be, as they look critically at competitors quotes, so that helps a bit with your due diligence. Every company will try their best to highlight and justify if their quote is higher than the other, this explanation usually will bring the added value to light, and you will know that it’s not necessary a like to like service. Sometimes the extra value addition is not what you need, in which instance you can settle for the cheaper quotes, but making an informed decision is always better.


Remember that the companies quoting more do not necessarily work on a higher profit but they add value in ways that you cannot always see, so it is worth listening to why they have quoted more, and of course and if they can reconsider the pricing.

Note: In case of hidden charges – that we are really against – even the removal companies can’t always help you, because as the name suggests, they are HIDDEN. Sometimes, they are buried deep in the fine print of the terms and conditions, and other times, they are made up on the day. So whilst there is no certain protection against hidden charges, you can be assured that the cheapest ones are the most likely ones to have the hidden charges to keep them afloat. For companies which have already asked a decent price upfront, there is no reason to embed hidden charges. Good companies realize that transparent business is good business, which is why we are big on our transparent charges. We believe that transparent pricing is the key to a achieving a smooth moving experience, if on the day, your price changes it’s no good, there is already enough stress in a move as it is.


A Possible Further Price Reduction

Whilst you may think, you have already gotten the best price, that may not be the case. Most companies quote a standard price for a start, but if you go back to them with a competitors quote, the managers usually have reasons and power to look into their quotes again.

Quotations are usually smart estimates, and when a competitor has quoted less, the managers feel compelled to look at all variables, whether that is the distance, man power required or the size of the vehicle. And more often than not, they have cushion to rethink the strategy to deploy the resources. Especially, if you inform them that you will BOOK if they reduce the price to either: match or beat the competitor’s quote. Don’t be shy to state a target price, if you have one.

Each company has spent money to bring you to them – and to quote you – and they would rather make the price reduction than loosing the customer altogether.

We have had several instances of customers wanting to book with us, but were stuck with cheaper quotes by companies that they didn’t even want to use. By transparently discussing the situation with us, they allowed us to work with them and to conduct their move without compromising on their expectations.



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It’s Only Fair

What customers do not realize is that companies spend a lot of money  to bring you to their websites/place of business. And there is a lot of effort that goes into understanding your removal requirements and timings before coming up with a price. We actively encourage our customers to share if they have any reservations including the price, this gives us a chance to have an open conversation and help the customer, which is why our booking to enquiry ratio is pretty high. But it is important that we keep encouraging customers to not be shy and come back to us openly.

Whilst is it true that we don’t engage in an active price war, and we won’t be able to help everyone. It remains regrettable when one leaves silently, as opposed to completing a conversation more transparently, which could work well for everyone.



Don’t be shy Request for a cheaper quote

In summary, don’t be shy to discuss if you have had a cheaper quote. There is morally nothing wrong with asking if your job can be done for any less, it is not necessarily haggling but you are giving the company a second chance to secure business, which they would have otherwise lost.

At the same time, you are ensuring that you have discussed your quote with someone from the industry, so even if they can’t match or beat it, the company can at least state their reasons why. You should be very interested in these reasons, they form part of information you need to make an informed decision.

For instance, at first movers, despite providing very competitive quotes that usually get accepted fairly quickly and easily, we still have customers, who become our customers only because we encouraged them to open up. And we are proud to have served them, and would have been gutted if they went elsewhere, just because they were shy.

As ever, we are here to help, just feel free to give us a call or send an email.



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