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1stMovers offers an excellent Lewis to Edinburgh removals service/Edinburgh to Lewis removals service/

If you are moving to or from Isle of Lewis, from or to Edinburgh, and need a removals company to help, then you could not have landed on a better web page! 1stMovers offers one of the best Edinburgh to Isle of Lewis removals services/Isle of Lewis to Edinburgh removals services.

Our many years of long-distance removals experience operating to and from Edinburgh across the UK, including to and from the Hebrides, makes us the natural choice for those moving from the Isle of Lewis to Edinburgh or moving from Edinburgh to the Isle of Lewis.

On the rest of this page you’ll find some information on our Edinburgh-Lewis removals service and our complementary services. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with what we can do for you, contact us by phone (0131 3321373). If you let us know what services you’d like, we’ll get back to you very soon with a free and comprehensive quote!

The natural choice for home movers: 1stMovers’ Edinburgh to Lewis removals service/Lewis to Edinburgh removals service.

1stMovers' Lewis to Edinburgh removals service can make moving easy. Ditto for our Edinburgh to Lewis removals service.

The secret to staying in business for years, as we have done, is offering great service at a great price. We don’t cut corners when it comes to caring for our clients’ valuable belongings. We make sure we comprehend our customers’ requirements and expectations, and do we what we can to exceed the latter.

This means, for example, being punctual, communicative, and willing to carry and position your household contents exactly as you require. When things outside of our control go wrong – e.g. bad weather affecting ferry services – we keep you fully informed.

If you need to relocate to Lewis from Edinburgh, or to Edinburgh from Lewis, and you hire 1stMovers to help, we promise we’ll do our utmost to add you to our very long list of happy customers!

Get a free quotation now, either by using Online Enquiry Form or by phoning 0131 3321373!

Not able to move into your new Lewis/Edinburgh home for a while? Our integrated storage service can make things easier

You’re happy and excited at the thought of your new home. Then you learn that the seller can’t move out for a while – until some time after you’ve had to quit your old property. What a downer! Now you have to spend hours searching for and comparing storage facilities, and arrange two separate removals runs to move your stuff: from your old home to the storage facilities, and then from the storage facilities to your new home. Groan!

We have great news for you. You don’t have to do these things at all. Our integrated storage service is an invaluable adjunct to our Lewis to Edinburgh removals service/Edinburgh to Lewis removals service. Over the years we have acquired a good knowledge of storage facilities, and we can book the best for you at a great price. Having booked secure storage for you, we’ll take all your things there. Please do not worry of you’re moving if it’s just a smallish move or, on the contrary, a full house removal. Whether you are moving boxes, furniture or a piano, we can find a suitable storage option. Then, when you can at last enter your new home, we’ll fetch everything. We’ll carry your belongings, safe and sound, into their new surroundings.

Edinburgh to Lewis/Lewis to Edinburgh Removals

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Collection and delivery between Isle of Lewis and Edinburgh

You’ll have a large lorry and expert removals workers at your disposal if you’ve contracted 1stMovers for Edinburgh to Lewis removals/Lewis to Edinburgh removals. It’s a minor extra task for us to pick things up, or drop them off, on or near the road between these places. Therefore, if you have any acquaintances who live on or not too far from the Edinburgh-Lewis route, and you would like to give them any possessions you no longer need, let us know. We’ll deliver them for you at minimal extra cost. Of course, if friends or family wish to give you items for your new home, then we can easily and economically pick these up for you too. (This assumes it won’t take us hugely out of our way.)

Office removals, piano removals and other services

1stMovers offers a professional long-distance piano removals service.

If you’re moving from Lewis to Edinburgh or moving from Edinburgh to Lewis you might appreciate these other things we can do for you:

  • Our packing and cleaning services can take the sweat and last-minute panic out of moving.
  • We do professional piano removals – any type and size, anywhere!
  • We move offices too – very carefully, because we know how the apparently least significant little item (this flashdrive or that file) can be vital for the smooth running of your business.

Perhaps there’s another service, related to moving between Lewis and Edinburgh, which you would like? We’re open to your requests!

Phone us now (0131 3321373) and we’ll explore what we can do to make your Edinburgh-Lewis move an easy one. You can also use our Online Enquiry Form to communicate your needs.

However you contact us, we’ll supply a great quote for our services!

May your Edinburgh-Lewis move be the easiest move you ever made! 1stMovers has the experience and skills to help make it so.


Moving from Edinburgh to Isle to Lewis / Moving from Isle of Lewis to Edinburgh

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Moving from Edinburgh to Isle of Lewis
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