Packing Service

Here at First Movers Ltd we offers a packing service service to our customers that caters towards individual needs. We provide all of the packing materials and can unpack too, if required.

Our experienced team will come out and pack your items, to help you through this stressful time, by ticking one more important thing off of your ‘to do’ list.Packing services

We provide: • various sized boxes, from small to large, • different types of tape, • sticky labels (to identify boxes), • mattress covers and • blankets. • We use acid free tissue paper for your crockery and other fragile items, • bubble wrap and • wrapping for things such as picture frames, mirrors, glass ornaments, and any larger breakables.

If you have specific requirements or preferences, or if you have awkward items you’d like packed in a certain way then we are more than happy to cater for them.


Packing team

We recommend that we organise a date before your moving day to enable the packers to come in and box everything up all ready in advance for the movers. We can also provide  our packing service on the day of your move although this isn’t advised. A day before is usually adequate but for larger moves we would discuss and work out timings accordingly, as more than one day may be required.

Our packing team will assess each room carefully and pack your items safely and appropriately.

Dismantling and reassembling services are also available, please speak to a member of our team in the office for more details.

If you only require boxes you can order them here.


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