Scotland to England Removals

Scotland to England Removals: Our Speciality

Scotland to England removals usually need careful planning, because they are generally long-distance and need a bit more time than short-distance removals.


However, we specialise in making trips down to England and back to Scotland. Therefore, whether you want to relocate to England from Scotland or moving to Scotland from England, we have the know-how to help!

Yes, we have helped people all the way from Inverness to Cornwall, so it really doesn’t matter what city or town you are moving to or from!

The Info We Need to Plan Your Scotland to England Removals Service

All we need are four things to get the show on the road, so to speak. Most importantly, we require your two addresses, so that we can calculate the distance. Next, we appreciate an approximate inventory so we can calculate the required space and decide on the type of vehicle suitable for the removal. Finally, we like to know about any stairs, so we can deploy the right manpower. You can provide us all of this information in one place by clicking here.

Scotland to England Removals

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Just a Few Boxes?

Don’t worry if you don’t have that much stuff. This is because, if you’re moving just boxes, small possessions or a couple of furniture items, we can always try to take the contents down with someone else going the same way, so long as you are slightly flexible with the pick-up and drop-off dates. Indeed, the more flexibility, the cheaper the price (you might be surprised to find out that a professional company is cheaper than a man with a van from Scotland to England)! However, if a move is urgent and dates are fixed, we can send a dedicated vehicle just for you.

Nationwide Full House Removals

What we class as ‘nationwide’ house removals, from Scotland to England, are very popular because, for a variety of reasons, many families relocate to England.

Scotland to England Removals

The most common form of long-distance removal we do is dedicated removals from Scotland to England for individual clients. In this scenario, we estimate your house contents and come out to you, to move your stuff only – just yours/your family’s, no one else’s.

We also offer professional piano removalscleaning and packing services!

Apart from moving household contents between Scotland and England, we do office removals, and we have all the equipment, experience and skill to move pianos (from compact upright pianos to concert grand pianos).

Edinburgh to London Removals

Our most popular route is Edinburgh to London, because people frequently move between the capitals. If you are moving to from London to Edinburgh you can visit our dedicated page here.

Other routes

We list other dedicated pages for specific common Scotland to England removals routes below, but of course these are just examples of what we can do. Therefore please just ask us, online or by phone (0131 3321373), if you want your belongings moved between any two Scottish/English destinations!

Edinburgh to:


Birmingham Bristol Aberdeen to London
Cambridge Leeds Glasgow to London
Liverpool Manchester Inverness to London

Some other popular destinations from Edinburgh are the following;


Lastly, A Word About Our Approach

Why should you choose 1stMovers for your Scotland to England removals needs? What sets us apart? Well there are several things which you can pick up by looking at some of the other pages on this website (such as our wide range of services, which include storage). However, there are perhaps two key aspects of what we do that makes us a great choice:

  • Firstly, our friendly but always professional staff really listen to our customers. If we are not sure that we have understood exactly what you want, we’ll ask questions to clarify your needs.
  • Secondly, we are happy to think creatively to solve your problems. If you have some unusual moving needs, not described on our website, please just ask if we can help (by calling 0131 3321373 or using our online enquiry form. You might be pleasantly surprised. We promise to do our best!

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If you are looking to move in the opposite direction, we also assist with moving to Scotland from England.