Edinburgh to Bath Removals and Bath to Edinburgh Removals

After using our Bath to Edinburgh or Edinburgh to Bath removals service you'll still be surrounded by Georgian architecture.

If you’re looking to relocate to Edinburgh from Bath, or to Bath from Edinburgh, 1stMovers can help!

Once you have an idea of our services from what follows on this page, we suggest you call 0131 3321373 or use our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll supply a free quote, which we think you’ll find most attractive!

1stMovers’ Edinburgh to Bath/Bath to Edinburgh removals: the best way to move home!

Whichever way you’re moving – Bath to Edinburgh, or Edinburgh to Bath – 1stMovers will arrive on time. While taking great care with your possessions and following any special instructions you might issue, we’ll move your stuff into our van swiftly and methodically. We’ll make sure all items are securely held in place for the long road journey, and wrapped in blankets, of which we have a good supply.

Edinburgh to Bath/Bath to Edinburgh

We believe that communication is very important, so we’ll let you know if problems on the roads between Edinburgh and Bath delay us. Whatever the situation, we aim to give you an accurate idea of our arrival time.

When we get to your new property, we’ll unload efficiently, again paying heed to any directions you give. We’ll carry items to wherever you’d like us to, so that you have minimal work to do later. Whether our friendly staff is moving boxes, furniture or other items for you, they will be happy to follow your instructions and place each item exactly where you want it to be.

All in all, we offer a professional and friendly service at a great price. You don’t need a man with a van fro Edinburgh to Bath or vice versa when a professional company is here to help for the same price (or even less sometimes!). We want to drive away from all our clients with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that we have done a great job for them and that they are toasting a trouble-free move!

1stMovers arranges storage too

If you need storage as part of a Bath to Edinburgh or Edinburgh to Bath removals service 1stMovers can help.

Property chains don’t always run smoothly. Sometimes exit and entry dates don’t coincide. You may not be able to move into your Edinburgh property immediately upon leaving your Bath one, or vice versa. That’s why we offer our integrated storage option.

If this is the case, let us know and we’ll take the problem out of your hands! We’ll book storage facilities (good ones!) and take all your belongings there when you vacate your old premises. Then we’ll collect everything when move-in day eventually comes round, and deliver it, as outlined above!

Bath to Edinburgh removals/Edinburgh to Bath removals PLUS collections/deliveries along the route!

Just because this page mentions Edinburgh and Bath as start/end destinations that doesn’t mean we can’t drop things off and deliver them as we go. If you know people who would like some of your things, which you no longer need, and they live not too far from the Bath-Edinburgh route, then we can deliver these things to them for a small extra fee. We can equally easily collect things for you. Have a think about this opportunity, anyway!

Edinburgh to Bath/ Bath to Edinburgh Removals

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Not just Bath to Edinburgh house removals

Let 1stMovers help with all your Bath to Edinburgh removals needs. Or your Edinburgh to Bath removals needs, for that matter.

You may think from the above that we are just a home-removals company, helping people moving from Bath to Edinburgh or people moving from Edinburgh to Bath. Of course, we offer a great service in this respect (and we can move part-loads for a great price too) but this is only one of the strings to our bow – or should that be piano? Yes, we are experienced at piano removals, and we do professional office removals as well. Add to this our packing and cleaning services, which can be a godsend when the stress of moving is getting to you.

If we haven’t quite described the removals-related service you’re seeking, feel free to ask us for it anyway. We can often help.

You can chat to one of our friendly staff by calling 0131 3321373, or outline your requirements on our Online Enquiry Form. You should hear back from us very soon!

Whether you’re moving from Edinburgh to Bath, or from Bath to Edinburgh, we hope it’s a surprisingly trouble-free experience. 1stMovers are willing and able to help make it so!



Moving from Bath to Edinburgh
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