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A painting of Brighton, probably from about 1840. 1stMovers doesn't do time-travel but does offer an excellent Edinburgh to Brighton removals service today!

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Entire household moving from Edinburgh to Brighton?

If you want to relocate to Brighton from Edinburgh, our standard removals service will be what you’re after. With an entire van or more at your disposal, our expert crew will arrive punctually at your Edinburgh premises. They’ll load all your household goods in as short a space of time as professional standards of care permit, and drive smoothly southwards. If they encounter unforeseen traffic problems, they’ll let you know. (Excellent communication is all part of the service.) Otherwise, they should arrive at your new home within minutes of the agreed time. Unloading will follow, and our friendly staff will be happy to take every item to the exact spots you have chosen for them in your new Brighton home. Whether they’re moving boxes of furniture, the will be happy to follow your instructions.

Not simply Edinburgh to Brighton Removals: Other destinations along the way

Of course, we can collect and deliver at other destinations along the Edinburgh-Brighton route.

Other routes

We can even do multiple deliveries and collections at a bargain price, as long as the diversions are not too big. By all means make use of this possibility to give your unwanted items to friends and family, or collect from them the things that they no longer need but which you would appreciate!

Calling in at Carlisle, Cambridge, Croydon or Crawley (or anywhere else more or less on the route) would be our pleasure, if that would help you!


Edinburgh to Brighton Removals

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Part-load Edinburgh to Brighton Removals: Saving you hassle and money

Make use of our part-load Edinburgh to Brighton removals service.

Perhaps you are hesitating hiring a removals company, because you don’t have a huge amount to move. You imagine they’ll charge a fortune, as they’ll have to cover the overheads of one of their lorries, even if it’s only half full? On the other hand, you don’t fancy transporting your possessions yourself. Although there are not that many items you need shifted, they are big and awkward.

Don’t worry. We can almost certainly help. What we do is look for someone else in a similar situation to yourself. We’ll then share our van space between you and split the costs. So you don’t need to look for a man with a van when 1stMovers may be able to assist for a lesser price. Your prized possessions will still receive professional care, as they are transported from your address in Edinburgh to your new place in Brighton, but it won’t cost the earth! (Bear in mind, though, that because we are catering from two clients, you may need to give us a little flexibility with regard to the date.)


Edinburgh to Brighton Removals

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Edinburgh exit and Brighton entry dates don’t match? We can organise storage

We offer more than just an Edinburgh to Brighton removals service. We can pack and clean too.

Gritting your teeth at the news you can’t move your stuff into your new Brighton home when you thought? Let us take the stress out of this situation by organising storage for you. Just give us the word and we’ll arrange it all. We’ll collect your things on the moving-out date, convey them to quality storage facilities and then retrieve and deliver them when you can at last access your new Brighton property. All this with our usual professional standard of care, of course!

Edinburgh to Brighton removals for offices and pianos too

We’re expert piano movers, and offer a first-rate office removals service. We can also greatly reduce the stress of moving by packing for you, and we’ll even clean your properties!

Quotes for unusual jobs

Finally, if there’s a service not mentioned on this page, just ask. We may well be able to assist. Phone 0131 3321373 or use our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll be in touch with a free quote in no time.

May your Edinburgh to Brighton move be trouble-free! (With 1stMovers’ help, it should be!)



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