Why does 1st Movers Edinburgh Recommend Long Distance Movers Canada?

Long distance movers torontoThere is no secret behind First Movers Edinburgh promoting Long Distance Movers Toronto. We do it openly, but that is because of a unique link between the two companies.

First Movers Ltd. Edinburgh provides support, advice and consultation to Long Distance Movers Canada in how to operate an ethical moving service, in an industry rife with hidden charges and all sorts of unhealthy practices.

Unfortunately, the Canadian moving industry is full of deceitful practices, giving an impression to the new entrants and customers in the market that there is no room for honest, ethical and upright businesses to profitably operate in such an environment. This also leaves the customers wondering which company would be safe to go for.

So, at Moving Industry Conference, on a bright sunny day in Phoenix Arizona, First Movers were tasked with finding a solution, because we had managed to do this successfully in the U.K market. We saw the problem as an opportunity, and agreed to take an advisory role in steering Long Distance Movers into their desired direction.

The solution was simple, we took the honest values of any old school upright business and made sure that those values run through the core of their business model, touching every aspect of it. To the point that company starts to standout as one, that prioritises the values of honestly and transparency, way above money making. Consequently, building a level of trust with the public that despite the cut throat survival practices in the industry, one company is safe and can be trusted to be honest with you, whether you hire them or you don’t.

Transparent Pricing:

So we started with the pricing, which was turned into transparent pricing, without the fear, that the customers may perceive it to be expensive. When a business prices itself transparently, a lot of the hidden industry charges have to be brought out of the closet, and absorbed into the prices that customers get to see. Companies can be reluctant in doing so, fearing that they may seem expensive and consequently lose business.

But, what is a good practice? Being honest, appeared easier than having unhappy customers who would feel cheated, and a company they would not feel respected in the eyes of its own employees. Consequently, Long Distance Movers turned into one of the few companies in Canada that proudly operates a transparent pricing policy, with customers knowing well that the company has zero intentions to slapping them with hidden charges and the price they see if most likely the price they will pay.

This builds trust between the customer and the company, which is something we here at First Movers Edinburgh value and strive for as much as possible. We believe that trust is an integral part of good and ethical business practices, from both the customer’s and the company’s side.Long distance movers

Honest Moving Advice:
This one was very simple to implement as it is more of a mindset. It was agreed that selling is not going to be as important as being honest to the customer. So being honest to the customer is important at all time, even, if that can lead to a lost sale.
There are times the customers can underestimate the scope of their move, or not realise that they can achieve the same results in a cheaper way. A less fair moving company would try to exploit the customer. On the contrary, an honest moving company would advise customers in way that are overall beneficial for the customers. We find the first option to be unacceptable and that’s why Long Distance Movers Toronto is proudly an honest moving company.

This is seen at all levels of the company, from the customer service, to the movers, to the drivers – everyone.  Long Distance Movers prides itself on its honesty and its one of the reasons we promote them so openly.

Long Distance movers


Clean Business Procedures:

Long Distances Movers now operates in a way, where all procedures are checked to ensure that there are no customer traps – as we call them – and that customers can sit back relax and feel safe in the hands of a moving company that they have hired for their peace of mind. So whether its inventory, pricing, terms and conditions, or procedures on the moving day, everything has been vetted for removal of anything where a customer can be adversely caught out.

With the implementation of such advice as above, Long Distance Movers is now perceived as a transparent and reliable company that customers can depend on. And we at 1st Movers Edinburgh are very proud to have participated in this journey of exporting British societal values to a business across the Atlantic, and we continue to do that on ongoing basis, hence the time to time promotion of Long Distance Movers Ltd, Ontario.