Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals

uchanan Street, Glasgow. If you're looking for an Edinburgh to Glasgow removals service, 1stMovers would be a great choice!

Looking for a superior Edinburgh to Glasgow removals service? Your search could well be over!

Our Edinburgh to Glasgow removals service is an all-round good deal, with excellent customer service and a range of extras to suit most moving requirements, all at an economical price.

Read on to see what we can do for you. Then call 0131 3321373, or contact us online, and we’ll supply a free quote with no strings attached.

Part-load Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals: Great Value When You’re Only Moving a Few Items

Moving only a couple of boxes and a few sticks of furniture from Edinburgh to Glasgow? You may be thinking of posting them, hiring a self-drive vehicle or taking them over item by item on public transport, because you think a door-to-door removals service will be too pricey.

Think again! We are often able to find someone else who also wants just a few things moved from the Lothians to Glasgow/Clydeside. That way we can use the full capacity of a van and split the overhead costs. You can enjoy the convenience of having professionals load, transport and deliver your possessions, carrying them to the exact positions you require, without draining your bank account. Our part-load Edinburgh to Glasgow removals service is just the ticket! You think a man with a van from Edinburgh to Glasgow is cheap? Get a quote from 1stMovers first!

All you need to do is explain what you want moved, by phone (0131 3321373) or via our Online Enquiry Form, and we’ll do our best to oblige. (You will understand that we won’t necessarily always be able to give you your first choice of date with this offer, but we assure you that your items will receive the same professional care as if you were our sole customer.)


Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals

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House-moving from Edinburgh to Glasgow? Let us make it easy.

If you're moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh, let us make things easy for you by helping with packing too!

Moving west with everything but the kitchen sink? If you want to relocate to Glasgow from Edinburgh, we can provide large vehicles and plenty of skilled hands to load, transport and unload. Furthermore, we can help with packing, the cleaning of properties and the moving of awkward things like pianos. (Yes, piano removals is another of our specialist services.)

We’re pretty good at timekeeping too, so we’ll turn up when we say, and work as quickly as safety considerations and care for your precious belongings allow. We’re adept at wrapping (in blankets) and strapping, to make sure everything arrives in your new Glasgow property in the state it was in at your Edinburgh address. 1stMovers will move your stuff with our professional care.

Not getting your Glasgow keys for a while? Our integrated storage will help!

Property chains can be complicated. It sometimes happens that you have to clear everything out of one home before the next becomes available. This can be stressful, having to book not only two separate removals procedures but also arrange storage facilities.

We have news for you: you don’t need to do all this!

Just give us the word and we’ll arrange storage for you. We’ll collect your possessions in Edinburgh on your moving-out date, convey everything to a first-rate storage facility and then retrieve and deliver your goods when you can at last move into your new Glasgow address.


Domestic Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals and more!

1stMovers offers an excellent piano removals service, not just domestic Edinburgh to Glasgow removals!

As mentioned above, we can also pack your things for you, clean properties and move pianos

What we haven’t told you yet is that we also offer an excellent office removals service, and we are happy to do multiple pick-ups and deliveries on way from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

This is a heads-up for you to make the most of booking us. If there are some items you want delivered to or collected from friends or family along the way, just let us know and we’ll pack our van to make this possible!


Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals

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Edinburgh to Glasgow Removals – A Tailored Service

If you’re moving from Edinburgh to Glasgow, what you have read so far will have given you an idea of how we can help you. However, if there is a service not mentioned above which you would like, please let us know. We take pride in listening to our clients and coming up with solutions to their removals problems.

Use our Online Enquiry Form or phone 0131 3321373. We’ll see what we can do for you!

To conclude, we wish you all the best your Edinburgh to Glasgow move! We’d be delighted to help make it a trouble-free experience.




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