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Welcome to First Movers Ltd, expert office movers in Edinburgh. If you are looking to move office then trust First Movers Ltd to make your Edinburgh office move as smooth as possible.



You could be sitting in a large corporate building spread over various floor levels OR You could be just wanting to move your own small office to a different location nearby. We can assist you in either case.

Office moving can be a stressful experience, so make sure you select an expert office removals company such as First Movers Ltd to ensure your office removal goes off without a hitch! We take pride in helping businesses move their precious records and files, office equipment and furniture, with the minimum of fuss, while taking maximum care.


Why Select Us?

Moving is a complex business with various possibilities of unwanted outcomes, we will be glad to take that responsibility off your shoulders and keep things smooth and straight using our experience and expertise. You may think we are in moving business, but we think we are in stress relieving industry. Moving is stressful and we know it, therefore, we approach it differently. Although we help with moving offices, we try to do it in a way which is smooth and comfortable for you.  You can provide us your office moving details using our enquiry form and we will get in touch, see our How to Book section for details.


Here is the recipe to achieving a smooth and comfortable office move.


  • Ingredient 1: Timings & Flexibility;

    Time is an expensive commodity; we turn up on time to ensure you don’t lose any. We know your employees are not paid to wait around for us instead we are paid to assist them. When a moving company does not show up on the day, colleagues turn to the booking person with all sorts of questions; almost questioning their credibility even when it’s beyond their control. Our time keeping efforts ensure no such situations arise and there is no loss of working hours on your company’s part.
    We also understand that you may be confined to move during 9-5 weekdays, or just start early morning due to parking restrictions; sometimes even evening and weekends.  In any scenario we will be glad to work around your schedule.
    On few occasions we have moved contents to Grass Market at 5:00am in the morning so the owners could set up weekend Market ready for 7:00am. This, along with late night moves, happen a lot during the festival period when we assist with events. Yes – we do events too.


  • Ingredient 2: Transparent Pricing;

    The best move can turn into a nightmare if you don’t know what you are paying for it. We want your business to experience a plain sailing straightforward move; we believe that simple and transparent pricing is the key to that. All our costs are stated upfront and there are no hidden costs. We believe that customers should pay what they were told they were going to pay. You can read more about our pricing in our pricing section.


  • Ingredient 3: Dismantling Office Furniture;

    We don’t just move! We can dismantle and reassemble your office furniture too, should this be necessary. Most desks and tables won’t go through doors and would need dismantling, you are not expected to do it, and we can do that and even assemble them in your new office. We carry plenty of blankets to protect table tops, screens, and computers, etc.  We are also happy to provide storage for any office goods you need to store.


  • Ingredient 4: Wrap & Tie;

    Your office furniture is a statement about your business; this includes table corners and surfaces which need protection during transit. We wrap the surfaces with blankets and secure them with the vehicle where required. All computers, monitors screens, and other office equipment are handled accordingly while taking maximum care.


  • Ingredient 5: Friendly Staff;

    Moving heavy objects, climbing stairs and smiling don’t seem to always go together unless its First Movers Ltd staff. Porters’ job is a very hard one and maintaining a good sense of humor and professional attitude is an acquired skill which comes with practice. We only use porters who love the physical exercise aspect and enjoy a good workout.


We work hard to get our recipe right, we can work around your organization’s schedule and timelines, at the same time providing high quality service to our valued customers, please consult our testimonial page to see what our customers have to say about our moving service.

To book your office removals please provide us your details using our enquiry form. Our booking process is described in our How to Book section.

Happy moving!




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