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1st Movers loves helping with Edinburgh to Cambridge removals, so welcome to our website!

Please have a look through what’s written below to get an idea of how our Edinburgh to Cambridge removals service could help you. You’ll see that we offer a bit more than a one-size-fits-all service. If it seems we might be the ones you are looking for, you have nothing to lose by enquiring online, or by phoning 0131 3321373. We’ll supply a free quote, double-quick.


An Economical Option: Our Part-Load Edinburgh to Cambridge Removals Service

You may well be needing our part-load Edinburgh to Cambridge removals service if you're a student going to study at Peterhouse, the old Cambridge college pictured here!

You may be a student simply moving boxes with clothes, books, bike and 2 small pieces of furniture to your university in Cambridge. If you don’t need a whole van, we won’t ask you to pay for one, but we’ll still be able to help you at a price you can afford. We’ll do this by finding another customer also wanting our part-load Edinburgh to Cambridge removals service. You’ll share the van and the overhead costs, meaning that it’ll probably cost a lot less than you feared. (We may even be talking under £200, depending on the volume of your possessions). With 1stMovers you don’t need to search for a man with a van from Edinburgh to Cambridge. We are professionals and we do our best to serve you needs, sometimes even for a lesser price.

Of course, it may be that your preferred time of moving doesn’t coincide with the other person’s, so a little compromise might be necessary in that regard. Be assured that your valuables will still be handled with professional care, however!

If this is of interest, please go ahead and request a free quote now, by dialling 0131 3321373 or visiting our Online Enquiry Form.



Moving From Edinburgh To Cambridge

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The Full-Van Edinburgh to Cambridge Removals Service: Total Control for You

If you want to relocate to Cambridge from Edinburgh, we will certainly require a large volume of goods to be transported. We will be happy to do a dedicated move for you and fill our van with your belongings only.

Edinburgh to cambridge removals

That means you’ll be our sole client and we can tailor our timing and other aspects of our removals service exactly to your requirements. We’ll arrive on the dot at the time we promised, swing into action immediately, and load your goods efficiently into our van, wrapping them with blankets to protect them from harm. We’ll convey them to Cambridge, driving very carefully, and arrive at your Cambridge premises at a pre-arranged and confirmed time. Finally, we’ll unpack things and carry them into your new home, just as you instruct.


Delayed Entry to Your Cambridge Property? We Have a Solution

A seller sometimes goes back on an agreed date of entry. This may well not be that poor person’s fault, but it’s annoying just the same!

Never mind, we are used to helping people with in these unfortunate circumstances. We can organise storage for you. You won’t need to do anything other than ask us to sort it, and we’ll move your stuff to a safe place of storage when you have to leave your Edinburgh home. We’ll then retrieve and deliver your things in perfect condition to your new place in Cambridge when it’s convenient.


Edinburgh to Cambridge Removals + Collections and Deliveries Along The Route

If we’re driving a big van from Edinburgh to Cambridge it’s not a problem for us to make the odd diversion to pick up and drops things off along the way. So why not think about this option? We can collect that trampoline the kids have been begging you for, or drop off that bicycle for your niece which your children have outgrown. Just let us know in time, and we can pack our van to make this possible. We can call in at Dalkeith, Durham, Darlington or Doncaster, or Newcastle or Newark for that matter! In fact, anywhere not too far off the main route won’t be an issue!

We do offer a great domestic removals service, admittedly, but we are also do piano removals professionally and we are experienced at office removals too. Other services we offer are packing and cleaning, which can be handy if time is not on your side!

We are always open to other moving-related requests. If what we say above doesn’t quite cover what your requirements are, go ahead and ask us anyway!


Moving From Edinburgh To Cambridge

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(When we get the time we’re hoping to link an article here: ‘Moving from Edinburgh to Cambridge: some fun ideas’.)

Edinburgh to Cambridge Removals: Not Another Generic Service

We see ourselves as offering more than a generic Edinburgh to Cambridge removals service. We enjoy coming up with answers to unusual problems. If what you require doesn’t seem to be covered by what’s described above, try us anyway!

Phone now on 0131 3321373, or write to us via our Online Enquiry Form. We think you’ll appreciate how responsive we are.

To conclude, if you’re moving from Edinburgh to Cambridge we do hope it goes wonderfully well for you. (We would, of course, say that commissioning us to help would be one way to make this happen!)


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