Moving to England from Scotland – Our Top 10 Routes

We do frequent moves to England and back. We can pickup your contents from most places in Scotland and bring them down to you in England. Similarly, we can do the reverse journey too, so if you are relocating to and from Scotland, we can help. Below is a list of our frequently travelled routes and destinations, but don’t worry if you city of town is not listed, chances are we shall still be able to help.


1. Edinburgh to London Removals

Edinburgh to LondonOur most popular route is Edinburgh to London, because people frequently move between the capitals. If you are moving from Edinburgh to London, we can certainly help, just enquire with your moving dates and we shall be happy to help. We normally pickup on one day and deliver the following day as it takes 10 hours to drive a van down to London, and even longer depending upon the time we get to London and the part of London we need to get to. But in urgent cases, we can make same day deliveries too, so long as you don’t mind receiving the items later in the day.


Key facts for those moving from Edinburgh to London.

Edinburgh to London Removals

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5 interesting facts for those Relocating from Edinburgh to London 


2. Inverness to London

Inverness to LondonAs far as Inverness sounds, we get frequent removal requests from Inverness to London. Most removals from Inverness to London are dedicated, but sometimes we can manage part loads if you are lucky, and the dates match; its always a good idea to ask. Same day deliveries are not possible due to the distance and driving time, we would tend to pickup one day and deliver the following day.  We can also assist with piano moves and office moves, and our removal service is not limited to domestic house moves.


‘Interesting things to know if you’re moving from Inverness to London’ 

Inverness to London Removals

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3. Glasgow to London

Another one of our most popular route is moving from Glasgow to London. We make regular trips from Glasgow to London. We are quite familiar with the routes and thus we can offer services for home, office or piano removals, whether it’s full loads or even just dropping off a dinner table to a loved one.
We have great timings as well, if you are driving down yourself, we can drive South alongside with you, so that you and your contents reach the location in time. In case your property is not ready to be moved in right away, we can offer a range of storage services depending upon your contents and days of storage required.


8 joys of moving from Glasgow to London.

Glasgow to London Removals

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4. Aberdeen to London

Aberdeen to LondonIf you’re considering moving from Aberdeen to London, we can assist you with your move. We offer part-loads and full loads services depending upon the number of items.
If you require a hand at packing items, we offer packaging services as well and if your property keys are not available in London yet, we can offer storage as well.

Furthermore, we can also assist with home removals or office removals which can include services beyond delivering items such as storage and disposing items according to your requirements. Therefore you do not need to hire a man with a van from Aberdeen to London, instead you can hire a professional company to meet your removals needs.

Aberdeen to London

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5. Edinburgh to Oxford

If you’re moving from Edinburgh to Oxford, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are moving your home or office, 1st Movers can assist you with your move. You would simply need to provide your preferred dates so we can plan before-hand for a long distance move. It’s important to know that same day delivery might not be possible due to distance and therefore the delivery shall be made the following day.
We provide storage services as well. Just know that all of your contents shall be furnished with a professional diligence and items shall be kept safe.


Recommendation on moving from Edinburgh to Oxford

Edinburgh to Oxford Removals

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6. Edinburgh to Manchester

Edinburgh to ManchesterBy the way, we offer removal services from Edinburgh to Manchester as well. Since we are based in Edinburgh, therefore our Edinburgh to Manchester move can easily be conducted on the same day.

It’s one of the most popular destination and thus we are very much aware of the routes and what to expect along the way. We can also assist with office moves, piano moves, and our service is not limited to domestic house moves. We provide storage facilities as well, so if your property in Manchester is not ready, we can store your items and deliver them the next day.


Edinburgh to Manchester Removals

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7. Edinburgh to Cambridge

Your stress-free move from Edinburgh to Cambridge is all taken care of. Whether you need to move a handful of items or items of the whole house, we can assist with your move and provide vans accordingly. Since it is a long distance move, therefore expect your items to be delivered the next day and provide us your preferable move dates before hand to avoid any delays. We also offer storage facilities until your move in day arrives, so that you can have a hassle-free move.

Edinburgh to Cambridge Removals

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8. Edinburgh to Birmingham

When moving from Edinburgh to Birmingham you may think that hiring a man with a van from Edinburgh to Manchester would be okay, whereas hiring a professional company to move your stuff may be the safe and best option. If you require a hand at packing items, we offer packaging services as well. Alongside home removals, we provide office moves and piano moves as well.
Being a long distance move, it is very possible that your property is not ready to be moved in immediately, so we offer storage services as well.


Edinburgh to Birmingham Removals

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9. Edinburgh to Bournemouth 

Sifting through companies offering Edinburgh to Bournemouth removals? 1stMovers is what you’re looking for!

We’re a reliable and experienced long-distance removals company, providing smooth and convenient move from Edinburgh to Bournemouth.
Our friendly and competent staff know that our success depends on customer satisfaction. They will take careful note of any instructions you give them. They will clear your property with calm efficiency, and move your stuff into van with care and in a logical way, using blankets and tying items in place, preventing the least damage on the long journey.

We shall organise everything for you. On your behalf, we also book storage facilities we know we can trust. Moreover, we carry out both legs of the moving process with our usual professional diligence. The real clincher is possibly the fact that this stress-busting comprehensive service won’t cost you the earth either!

Edinburgh to Bournemouth Removals

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10. Edinburgh to Brighton

We can provide an excellent removals service for your Edinburgh to Brighton move, be it home removals or office or a piano move.
For that, you don’t need to hire a man with a man when you can easily hire a professional company for a smooth and convenient move for the same price or even less.
We offer professional office and piano removals services as well and dropping off items to friends and family along the way shall not be a problem for us at all.

Edinburgh to Brighton Removals

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Interested in any of the above routes for your move?

Then hurry and call now 01313321373 and don’t forget to read our blog post ‘Moving from Scotland to England – things to consider’.

We wish you best of luck with your move!