Moving from Inverness to London – Interesting Things to Know

If you’re moving from Inverness to London, the chances are you already know a lot about London – the main tourist attractions etc. – but do you know a few of the quirky things, especially relevant if you come from Inverness? We don’t pretend that this is anything like a comprehensive guide for you, but some of the information might just be of interest. Afterall, moving to london from inverness, is a not an easy decision.


Inverness Street:

Why not start getting to know your new home city by visiting a street named after the place you are leaving? Did you know that Inverness Street lies at the heart of the interesting district known as Camden Town, known for its ‘plethora of seductively scuzzy venues’? Moving to London from inverness, at least came with something exciting right away! 

moving to london from inverness


If you’re a stranger in the big city, where better to meet people than The Good Mixer, 30 Inverness Street, described as ‘a proper London boozer’? You can always use the opening line that you found this place mentioned on a web page for those moving from Inverness to London! The Good Mixer, incidentally, is where Noel Gallagher of Oasis allegedly insulted the dress sense of Blur’s Graham Coxon, and Amy  Winehouse was a regular!



Missing Ceilidhs/Scottish Traditional Music:

If you’re moving from Inverness to London, one thing you might miss is a ceilidh.

moving to london from inverness

Well, don’t worry, because there’s a Scottish music scene in the big city, and there are plenty of ceilidh bands for hire, or why not go along to the Ceilidh Club?

If you’re interested in formerly studying traditional Scottish music, you can do this at the University of West London.

If you want to learn, or start, piping, then visit the Scottish Piping Society of London.




Moving from Inverness to LondonWant to see some wildlife?

If you’re pining for the great outdoors and want to see some wildlife here are six suggestions on the BBC’s Discover Wildlife website. According to this source, ‘London is one of the UK’s greenest cities, home to over 1,500 sites of conservation importance.’


And here is TimeOut’s guide to London’s major parks.



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Inverness Man’s Statue of English Football Icon:moving from inverness to london

Scots have a long history of making their mark in England and elsewhere. Did you know that the statue of English football hero, Bobby Moore, at Wembley Stadium, was sculpted by Inverness-born Philip Henry Christopher Jackson?


Want to keep up your Gaelic, or learn it from scratch?

We found these London institutions offer various levels of Scottish Gaelic:


·         City College offers online courses in Gaelic, including business language

·         City Lit offers adult evening classes in various levels of Scottish Gaelic


Further resources for those moving from Inverness to London:

Penultimately, we thought we’d provide you with links to these London institutions:


·         The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

·         The London Scottish Football Club (for rugby fans!)

·         The Telegraph’s recommendations for where to dine on fine Scottish food

·         Here’s how you can find MacSween’s haggis for your Burns Supper!


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