Compromises in moving from London to Glasgow

If you are a Londoner considering a move to Glasgow, there are plenty of things to cherish, some of which can be found in our blog post about joys of moving from London to Glasgow.  You will appreciate that it can’t be rosy all the time. So here is a list of some of the NOT so good things in Glasgow when compared to London:


The Scottish accent is world renowned to be a distinctive English accent, and the accent in Glasgow is particularly distinctive and strong, The Glaswegian – yes this is a word – accent can initially sound like a different language altogether and some might initially find it difficult to comprehend it even, but don’t worry you get used to it.



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Weather, Weather, Weather:

Living in England you have always been told that the weather is rubbish and it rains all the time. Wait till you get to Glasgow and you shall start missing the London sun; Yes, there is sun in London when you view it from a Scottish perspective.

It rains a lot more in Scotland in general, and it’s very windy up in Glasgow, and to make things worse the freezing cold breeze comes from the Scottish highlands. And in winters, you have at least 1 less hour of day light, it would get dark well before 4:00pm, and you will also have to wait a little while longer before the sunrise. Overall, it would normally be at least 5 degrees colder than London, which is not very welcome in the cold, grey, dull and dark winter days, so be prepared to moan a bit more about the weather.  And don’t get annoyed if you find the Scots talking about the weather every single day without exception.




‘London wage’ is actually a term to describe a higher wage one gets, just because they live in London. The wages in Glasgow for a like for like role will generally be less than those in London, so be prepared to see a smaller pay cheque. But since you will get a lot more for your money in general, overall you shall still be better off in most cases.



Food is Expensive:

As London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is easy to believe that everything in London is more expensive than elsewhere, but it isn’t necessarily true for food. London markets are very competitive and there is a lot of competition in the
food industry, the factors of the
free market economy keep prices in check.Moving from London to Glasgow

A take away authentic sherwarma from Edgware road can cost for just £4.00 and much cheaper in various other parts of London, however, in Glasgow it can sometimes cost you more. The dishes that you can order in a London restaurant for say £12, will suddenly be £16 or more. You’d like to think that it would be the other way round but for some odd reason, it isn’t and food prices in Scotland generally remain higher than in England.

Before you think it was an attempt to discourage you from moving to Glasgow, don’t forget to read the great things Glasgow has to offer, and, No! that’s not all made up of Haggis.

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