Why you should hire an office removals company, and not just a removals company?

For your office move, you may be thinking that a standard removal company will be fine for helping with your office relocation. But, that is really not the case, an office removal is very different from what is involved in a house removal.  And, office removals in Edinburgh can be even more unique if your Read More

Are Brits Swapping London for Edinburgh?

You’d hardly think that a removal company would be the right place to have some sort of discussion on how many people are moving between Edinburgh and London. But since we get enquiries from people, moving from Edinburgh to London and the other way around, we have a fairly good idea of how frequently such Read More

What does a Removal Luton Van look like?

We get this question a lot, we understand and appreciate that you don’t move everyday and moving industry’s jargon is not something that you need to be familiar with. So, for your convenience we have decided to present a typical 3.5 Ton Longwheelbase Luton van, which is most likely the size of vehicle that will Read More

Edinburgh To London Removals

Is 1st Movers a long distance UK wide Removals Specialist?

We specialise in home and office removals, and we do conduct a lot of UK wide removals, whether that makes us long distance removals specialist or not, we don’t know. And on a separate note, we carry out removals to Europe as well; be it Spain, France, Netherlands, or Lithuania we shall take you there. Read More

Our Top 10 Routes From Scotland to England

We do frequent moves to England and back. We can pickup your contents from most places in Scotland and bring them down to you in England. Similarly, we can do the reverse journey too, so if you are relocating to and from Scotland, we can help. Below is a list of our frequently travelled routes Read More

Interesting information for those moving to London from Edinburgh

We’ve put together some facts and thoughts for those moving to London from Edinburgh on the page below, and on these pages too: 5 Interesting Facts for Those Relocating from Edinburgh to London Key facts for those moving from Edinburgh to London Are people in London different? It seems so, and it’s not good! Many Read More

London to Edinburgh

Key facts for those moving from Edinburgh to London

With a view to helping those moving from Edinburgh to London, we thought we would compile a few resources. However, even if you are not moving from Edinburgh to London, you may find some of the facts and figures we present interesting! The size of London London possibly conjures up a few stock images in Read More

London to Aberdeen

5 Interesting Facts for Those Relocating from Edinburgh to London

Relocating from Edinburgh to London? If you’re relocating from Edinburgh to London you may think there will no surprises waiting for you. If you’ve lived in England before, this may be true. However, particularly if you have never lived in London, this article might be entertaining and/or useful. You can also read ‘Interesting information for those Read More

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