5 Joys of Moving From London to Manchester

Moving away from London can be a big decision for some people, but when you think about moving from London to Manchester, the thought can be entertained due to some serious pros.


Moving from London to Manchester

You can finally buy a house

You can experience a serious reduction in cost of living when you move to Manchester, the city is affordable. If you are someone who was struggling to get on the property ladder, Manchester is somewhere you can fulfill your dream and buy your first house.

London to Manchester

And if you have a property in London already, your 1 bedroom flat in London would buy you a 4 bedroom house or even bigger in Manchester suburbs, and still a decent 2 to 3 bedroom house in the city centre, depending upon which part of London you are coming, either way, you will be able to upgrade very comfortably.

For those of you, who are renting, there is good news, too. The rental cost of living in Manchester is at least half that of London if not cheaper, so be prepared to be able to afford a better house or see more disposable income every year. You finances will certainly improve moving up to Manchester.


It doesn’t rain as much

The whole of the UK is known for its grey weather and rain, but believe it or not, statistically it doesn’t rain as much in Manchester, the weather is a bit of a relief, staying slightly dry, compared to the south. And those from London, can treat it as a big relief.


Access to scenic destinations

As much as you can access great destinations from London, but Manchester is truly located in the centre of the country. Lake District is round the corner, just over an hour’s drive and you shall be enjoying scenic views of Lake Windermere.

It makes a perfect day trip or even if you are working for half the day, you can still achieve a good trip to a one of the most beautiful locations in the UK. Lake District National Park is after all the most popular national parks in the UK.


And as if that was not enough, Yorkshire Dales are within easy reach as well, and again just over an hour’s drive, offering beautiful walks, sunsets, and outdoor activities.

North Wales is much closer than you’d like to think, Bangor is less than 100 miles away and Snowdonia national park start right there, it’s a perfect weekend getaway.

Just like you were used to going to Brighton in London for some beach time, from Manchester you can go to Blackpool which is within an hour’s drive, with very good public transport links, and there you have a beautiful beach at St Anne’s.



Moving from London to Manchester

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Middle of the Country

Manchester is right in the middle of the UK, and because of its central location, you are access most of the country easily, as opposed to being in one extreme like Plymouth.

Head south and a 3 hour train will take you to London, travel the same distance in the opposite direction and a 3 hour train will take you to Edinburgh or Glasgow, and you are in Scotland. Wales is practically round the corner, at just 2 hours drive.

So any big city of the UK can be a day trip if you live in Manchester. And you can reach most extremes of the mainland in one day comfortable, whether you want to go to the Scottish highlands or south west England, from Manchester everything is reachable in one day.


Football Fans Paradise

Manchester United - where football fans meet

If you are a football fan, two of the country’s biggest clubs City and United are from Manchester. Manchester United fans from all over the world can be seen going to the stadium and buying memorabilia, it is a big tourist attraction in the city.

And it’s not just football, you can’t forget the iconic old Trafford cricket ground, which has been witnessing some of the best cricket in the world for well over 150 years.


If you are open to moving even further afield, there is always scope for moving to Scotland which has its own amazing benefits, some of which can be read here. And if you ever need assistance with moving from England to Scotland, you can contact us without hesitation and we shall be happy to help.

If you have moved to Manchester from London, please feel free to share your experience and what you would like to add to the list above, and we shall be glad to add your contributions to the blog.

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