Thoughts on Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh

  If you’re moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh you probably know that you are moving from one great ancient university city to another, but did you know these things? Student Population The University of Cambridge accounts for a larger proportion of Cambridge than the various universities do of Edinburgh. Though Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, Read More

Moving from Manchester to Edinburgh – things you might miss

Think you might be homesick after moving from Manchester to Edinburgh? Manchester has a lot going for it, and you may miss a few things when you move to Edinburgh, but you can find some alternatives in and around the exciting capital of Scotland. Here are a few suggestions. Cinemas, Theatres and Art Galleries Unfortunately, Read More

London to Edinburgh

Interesting Things to Know if You’re Moving from Inverness to London

If you’re moving from Inverness to London, the chances are you already know a lot about London – the main tourist attractions etc. – but do you know a few of the quirky things, especially relevant if you come from Inverness? We don’t pretend that this is anything like a comprehensive guide for you, but Read More

England to Scotland

Great Things about Moving from London to Inverness

So you’re moving from London to Inverness, from the capital of the UK to the capital of the Highlands? Congratulations, what a change awaits you! Here are some of the good things that lie ahead. (Of course, there are hundreds of great things about Inverness and its surroundings. We can only give you a very Read More

12 Surprises of Moving from England to Scotland

If you are considering moving from England to Scotland, you need to get familiar with subtle differences between the two regions, some things are definitely slightly different up north. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when relocating to Scotland: No Tuition Fees: If you have teenagers who are likely to start Read More

8 Joys of Moving from Glasgow to London

Thinking of moving from Glasgow to London? Considering such a move could make you nervous. The City, Westminster, London, Greater London, you hear these words on the television and radio all day, every day but what does it actually mean living down in London. Here is a list of what to expect:   A Bigger Read More

Compromises in moving from London to Glasgow

If you are a Londoner considering a move to Glasgow, there are plenty of things to cherish, some of which can be found in our blog post about joys of moving from London to Glasgow.  You will appreciate that it can’t be rosy all the time. So here is a list of some of the NOT Read More

8 Joys of Moving from London to Glasgow

If you are a Londoner considering a move to Glasgow, there are plenty of things to cherish. Compiled below are some rather unknown or overlooked ones as well:   Relief in Cost of Housing: Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, so no wonder a lot of people decide to call it home. But, if Read More

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