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We suggest you scan through the rest of this page. Then, if the information we provide about our Edinburgh-Preston service appeals to you (we go both ways), ask for a free quote. Do this through our Online Enquiry Form or by talking to us on 0131 3321373. 

…And, by the way, we can also help you move from other places in Scotland to other places in England, and the other way round!

Moving home? We recommend our Edinburgh to Preston removals service!

1stMovers offers a first-rate Edinburgh to Preston removals service and an equally good Preston to Edinburgh removals service.

Whether you’re moving from Preston to Edinburgh or moving from Edinburgh to Preston we have no hesitation in recommending our removals service. Why? Obviously we want the business! However, apart from that and most important for you, we are certain you will appreciate the fantastic value for money we offer those moving between Preston and Edinburgh. So why get a man with a van from Edinburgh to Preston (or from Preston to Edinburgh) when a professional company can move your stuff for the same price or even less?

1stMovers is an Edinburgh-based company which has been operating the length and breadth of the UK, and beyond, for years. Our Preston to Edinburgh removals service, and its mirror service, benefit from our considerable experience. We know what we are doing. Whether you are moving boxes or heavy furniture items, we can do that to the highest standards.

We know that apart from competitive pricing, customers’ top priority is the first-rate care of their possessions. They also value two-way communication. This means they expect to be listened to and for their instructions to be followed to the letter. It also means they appreciate being kept up to date as to the progress of a move. For example, they want to be given notice if a delivery time needs to be changed due to, for example, a motorway lane closure.

We understand and deliver on all of these points. Our staff are experienced and skilled. Our vans come equipped with all we need to ensure your possessions are delivered without the least dent or scratch.

In summary, we promise a 100% professional service at a wallet-pleasing price. We look forward to helping you relocate from Edinburgh to Preston or vice versa!

Edinburgh to Preston Removals

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Seller can’t move out for a while? 1stMovers can arrange storage.

1stMovers offers more than Edinburgh to Preston removals/Preston to Edinburgh removals. We can organise storage too.

A common issue when moving home is a gap between exit and entry dates. It can be aggravating if you have to vacate your old Preston/Edinburgh property when the new place isn’t available! If this should happen to you, you might want to go for our storage service. We’ll take all the organisation out of your hands.

We’ll draw on our extensive experience of storage facilities to book the best for you, at a great price too. Then we’ll clear your old property and gently put your items in storage. When the time comes to move into your new place, we shall, of course, carefully collect your house contents. We’ll bring them in perfect shape to your new home, placing them exactly as you require.

This storage service can save considerable time and energy, and it’s fabulous value for money too!

Preston to Edinburgh Removals

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Not merely Preston to Edinburgh removals

Preston to Edinburgh

We also go the other way, of course, but apart from that, for a most reasonable extra fee, we can visit places between Edinburgh and Preston as we travel from one to the other. We can fetch items from friends or family or drop things off with them.

Imagine your young nephew’s delight when we turn up with the climbing frame your children have outgrown. Picture your grandparents’ pleasure when we clear their garage and collect the furniture they want to pass on to you.

Yes, as long as we don’t have to stray too far off the Preston-Edinburgh route, this little extra can really add value to the overall package, for minimal extra expense.

More Edinburgh to Preston removals services: pianos and offices

1stMovers offers other services for those moving from Edinburgh to Preston or vice versa.

Although we have described our home removals service above, this doesn’t mean that our other services are in any way inferior. Far from it. Indeed, we have great confidence in the quality of our professional office-, and piano-moving services. Click on the links to find out more about these!

Anything else?

Yes, we can also clean Edinburgh properties for you, and we offer a packing service in this city too!

If you have another Preston to Edinburgh removals need (or Edinburgh to Preston removals need), not described above, we’d like to hear what it is. It’s quite possible we’ll be able to help!

Now for your free quote!

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We wish you a super-smooth Edinburgh-Preston move, entirely free of hiccups. Fingers crossed, 1stMovers will be the company you pick to help with it.




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