Peterborough and Edinburgh Removals

This site is for you if you’re moving from Peterborough to Edinburgh or moving from Edinburgh to Peterborough!  We are proud of our Edinburgh to Peterborough removals service, and of the one for the other direction.

We encourage you to find out more about these services (below) before getting a free quote. You will see that there is no need to get a man with a van from Peterborough to Edinburgh (or in the reverse direction) when you can hire a professional company to move your stuff for the same price or even less sometimes.

You can do this through our Online Enquiry Form or by dialling 0131 3321373.

1stMovers’ Peterborough to Edinburgh removals service: highly recommended for moving home

1stMovers offers an excellent Peterborough to Edinburgh removals service, and an equally good Edinburgh to Peterborough one.

Although we are based in Edinburgh, we are not simply a local removals firm. We have extensive experience of providing nationwide removals services, and often help customers move from various places in England to locations in Scotland, and the other way round.

We bring this depth of experience to our Edinburgh to Peterborough removals service (and its mirror) and we assure you that you will receive professional service at an amazingly reasonable price. As our main base is in the same city as either your start or end point, we do not have to charge the additional fees that companies based other than in Edinburgh or Peterborough would need to charge for the additional distance they would have to drive.

However, low price is just one aspect of value for money. The quality and comprehensiveness of our service is another. Elements of this are:

  • care for your possessions – our employees can be trusted to be careful, and our vans are equipped with copious blankets
  • attitude of our staff – friendly yet courteous
  • punctuality – it’s very rare for us not to be bang on time, and when this happens (due to traffic hold-ups, for example) our staff know to let know in advance
  • communication and responsiveness – our employees will pay close attention to what you ask of them, and keep you informed of progress as the need arises

You can judge how responsive we are right now! Outline what you are looking for us to do, using our Online Enquiry Form or by phone (dial 0131 3321373). We’ll respond with a most agreeable quote. (Which we shall stick to!)



Edinburgh to Peterborough Removals

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A delay in moving into your new Peterborough/Edinburgh property? We have a plan!

If you need storage as part of Peterborough to Edinburgh removals or Edinburgh to Peterborough removals, 1stMovers can help.

1stMovers could perhaps also be called 2ndStorers! Yes, while we don’t possess storage facilities, we are experts at sourcing quality storage, and we often do this at our customers’ bidding.

If your property chain has ground to a halt and you have to vacate your old home, but don’t yet have access to your new one, we can help! We’ll make things much easier for you by finding and booking excellent storage at an equally good price. And it doesn’t matter whether you are moving boxes or bulky furniture, we can provide a suitable storage option. Furthermore, we’ll also carefully move all your belongings there, and get them out again when your new Peterborough or Edinburgh home is at last free. They’ll be delivered without a scratch or dent to this new address.

This integrated storage service is a very handy supplement, then, to our Peterborough to Edinburgh removals service (and the one in the other direction). Call us to learn more (on 0131 3321373), or enquire online.

Another addition to our Peterborough-Edinburgh removals service: deliveries and collections between these places

1stMovers' Peterborough to Edinburgh removals service can include collections and deliveries en route. So can our Edinburgh to Peterborough removals service!

Whether you have hired us for Edinburgh to Peterborough removals or Peterborough to Edinburgh removals, we’d like to inform you of an additional little service we can offer. If you have any possessions which have been gathering dust and which you want to get rid of, first think of any acquaintances who might like them.

If any of these people live in the Peterborough area, in the Edinburgh area, or not too far away from the road between them, then we can deliver these things to them, for a very small extra fee, as we transport the rest of your possessions between your old and new home. Likewise, we can collect items for you, if required.

Peterborough to Edinburgh Removals

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Yet more Edinburgh to Peterborough removals services

We can also help you move office between Edinburgh and Peterborough, and piano removals are another area in which we guarantee excellent service, thanks to our long experience and professional equipment! So feel free to give us a call on 0131 3321373 and discuss your office or piano removal.We’re also able to offer cleaning and packing services in the Edinburgh area.

Don’t hang about, get your free quote now!

Now’s the time to talk about the details of how we could help you, and get a quote! We look forward to helping you relocate to Peterborough from Edinburgh (we cover both ways!).

Phone us on 0131 3321373 or, if you prefer, tell us what you’d like us to do via our Online Enquiry Form. We are confident you’ll like our response!

Whether you’re moving from Peterborough to Edinburgh, or the other way, we truly hope it’s a great move for you. We humbly suggest that hiring us to assist would increase the chances of this!


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