Thoughts on Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh


If you’re moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh you probably know that you are moving from one great ancient university city to another, but did you know these things?

Student Population


The University of Cambridge accounts for a larger proportion of Cambridge than the various universities do of Edinburgh. Though Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and isn’t big by city standards (you’ll appreciate its compact nature), it is far bigger than Cambridge, with a population of over half a million for the official City of Edinburgh, and nearly 1.4 million for the greater region. This contrasts with Cambridge’s approximately 125,000 inhabitants, of which a fifth are students! However, Edinburgh has the second-highest concentration of higher-education students of all UK cities at almost 12%, beaten only by Manchester with 17% (Cambridge is excluded from these statistics as technically it is a town despite it being known as a university city). You’ll find these and

other statistics on the City of Edinburgh Council website.





If you’re moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh one of the first things you’re likely to notice is that it is very hilly (see below) and not as bike-friendly as Cambridge.

However, there is a network of cycle paths, see the Cycle Streets website (which is great for planning routes) and the Cycling Edinburgh one – and some of them are stunning. The Innocent Railway Path is arguably one of the most interesting, with a long tunnel section.



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Rivers etc.

Edinburgh doesn’t have the Cam, but it does have the lovely Water of Leith and the Union Canal.

Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh? Check out charming Stockbridge and the Water of Leith!

The former is not navigable by boat, but it does offer great walking and cycling possibilities (though you’ll need a bell to alert the many pedestrians you’ll encounter), as well as a visitor centre! You can catch a No. 44 bus to Balerno, on the outskirts of the Edinburgh region, and walk all the way along the Water of Leith, through the beautiful Dean Village, under Thomas Telford’s impressive Dean Bridge to the lovely Shore area of Leith, where you can enjoy a well-earned pint and top-notch meal in one of the many excellent bars and restaurants you’ll find there. By contrast, the Union Canal is navigable, and you can hire a narrowboat and travel all the way to Falkirk. Alternatively, canoe or cycle along this attractive waterway – there are no
punts, alas! The famous Falkirk Wheel is highly recommended.




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Something Great About Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh: Hills!

Something you’ll certainly appreciate after moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh are the hills! These really set Edinburgh apart from Cambridge, which you will know is set in the flat-as-a-pancake Fens. Edinburgh, by contrast
(like Rome), is set on seven hills. Rather than detail these here, though, we refer you to another of our blog articles for information on these beautiful geographic features.



Most Famous Person Connecting Edinburgh and Cambridge?

Finally, a wee quiz for you. What very famous person (a revolutionary scientist) connects Edinburgh and Cambridge?

Think a bit, and don’t scroll down too soon.

Here’s a clue: he was an unenthusiastic student of medicine.

Still no idea?

Another clue: as a young man he loved collecting beetles.

 Moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh

Answer: Charles Darwin! He first studied medicine in Edinburgh but did not enjoy it, and went on to study for a Bachelor of Arts at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

Anyway, if you’re going the opposite way to Charles Darwin, and moving from Cambridge to Edinburgh, be sure to investigate our removals services. We don’t guarantee you’ll become a famous scientist, but we promise to do our best to make the experience a pleasant one!



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