York and Edinburgh Removals

Did fate bring you here? Probably not, but we hope that, whatever it was, the information we provide on our York to Edinburgh removals services on this page, and your judgement, will lead you to choose 1stMovers to facilitate your move between these places!

As you should be able to tell, we furnish a top-of-the-range York to Edinburgh removals service (and the same applies to the other direction). You don’t have to get a man with a van from York to Edinburgh when you can hire a professional company to move your stuff for the same price or even less sometimes. Whether it is moving boxes or heavy furniture, we can help you relocate to Edinburgh from York.

Once you have considered what we have to say, go ahead and request a free quote. You can call 0131 3321373 or use our Online Enquiry Form.

Choosing 1stMovers’ Edinburgh to York removals service to help you move home

1stMovers offers a highly competitive Edinburgh to York removals service. The same applies to our York to Edinburgh removals service.

What can you expect if you choose our York to Edinburgh removals service, or the reverse one?

  • Low cost. Though price isn’t everything, there’s no reason to pay over the odds for a good service. We offer highly competitive rates for our great Edinburgh-York removals services.
  • Careful handling. We bring the depth of our many years of nationwide and international removals experience to our York-Edinburgh service. 1stMovers has the knowledge and equipment to look after your possessions.
  • We treat our customers in a friendly manner, yet with politeness and respect. That includes sticking to an agreed schedule.
  • We keep you up to date if we encounter roadworks, lane closures, etc., on the roads between Edinburgh and York.
  • The extra mile. No, we don’t drive the extra mile to pump up charges! We do go the extra mile metaphorically. We’re happy to place all your possessions ‘just so’ – exactly as you request. We don’t consider a job satisfactorily completed until you do.

York to Edinburgh Removals

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As a handy addition to our York to Edinburgh removals service, we provide bargain storage deals

1stMovers can facilitate your York to Edinburgh removals process by organising storage for you. The same applies to Edinburgh to York removals.

Our integrated storage option is a useful supplement to our Edinburgh to York removals service. (And to the one in the opposite direction.) What it amounts to is reducing the number of companies you have to deal with and keeping your costs down. As we have been in the UK removals business for so long, we have an extensive knowledge of storage companies. We are therefore well qualified to find great storage deals for you: totally reliable facilities at bargain prices.

If there’s a delay between property exit and entry dates, let us know. We’ll arrange the whole process for you. We’ll ferry the contents of your old York/Edinburgh property to the storage unit or units we have booked for you. Later we’ll collect it all from there, and bring everything to your new Edinburgh/York home. Your possessions will be in the same good condition they were in when you last saw them.

Drop-offs/pick-ups between York and Edinburgh

If we’re driving a big van loaded with your belongings between Edinburgh to York, it’s not too hard for us to collect or deliver items between these places. Therefore we won’t charge much more for this, assuming diversions are relatively short.

This addition to our York to Edinburgh removals service (or to the reverse one too) is a good opportunity to pass on items your household no longer needs to relatives and friends who would make use of them. We can also pick things up from the latter, if they have items which you would appreciate!

Edinburgh to York Removals

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Further Edinburgh to York removals services

For our York-Edinburgh clients, regardless of the direction they are moving, we also provide an expert piano removals service and professional office removals!

Further Edinburgh services

We offer both a property-cleaning service and a packing service, so we can really take much of the hassle out of moving!

How about a free quote?

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Whether you’re moving from Edinburgh to York, or moving from York to Edinburgh, we hope your move is incident-free and easier than expected. We’re confident that hiring 1stMovers would increase the chances of this!



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