Swansea to Edinburgh Removals

Trawling the net for a great Swansea to Edinburgh removals service? Trawl no more!

As you should see from this page, we are a fab choice for Swansea to Edinburgh removals! Look through what we can do, and then tell us what you require by calling 0131 3321373 or through our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll happily supply you with a no-obligation quote.

Thrifty Part-Load Swansea to Edinburgh Removals

Moving just boxes and two furniture items? If it’s only a couple of items you want carried from Wales to Scotland you’ll only need a fraction of the capacity of our vans. Why should you pay for a whole van?

After using our Swansea to Edinburgh removals service we suggest you climb Calton Hill to get your bearings quickly.

You don’t! We’ll take up the space with other clients’ goods so that your share of the overheads is minimised and we can offer you an excellent price. There is just one minor caveat, which we’re sure you’ll understand: with more than one client to consider we may not be able to meet everyone’s first choice of date.  We assure you that we’ll still handle your things with utmost professional care, as if you were our sole commissioner!

As far as our rates go, the part-load Swansea to Edinburgh removals service could come in at under £200, according to how much you want us to move for you. This way, a professional company might be able to provide a cheaper quote than a man with a van from Swansea to Edinburgh! Do visit our Online Enquiry Form or call 0131 3321373 to tell us what you need moved, and we’ll quickly supply a no-strings-attached, comprehensive quote.

Swansea to Edinburgh Removals to Fit Your Calendar: A Van Entirely For You

Of course, if you want to relocate to Edinburgh from Swansea with all the furniture and other contents of a house, you’ll need to book a van to yourself. If this is the case, then we shall, of course, be able to fit your calendar perfectly, arriving at your Swansea address at the time you request, collecting your belongings, loading them with care, and driving them safely to Edinburgh, to unload them for you at another pre-arranged time. We can also help with packing and cleaning!

Apart from the services described above, 1stMovers offers a professional office-removal service, a piano-removal service. These are all tried and tested services we have offered for years!


Let 1stMovers help with all your Durham to Edinburgh removals needs. Or your Edinburgh to Bath removals needs, for that matter.

Moving from Swansea To Edinburgh Removals

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Integrated Storage: The Solution to Property-Chain Delays

Say something goes wrong with the sale of a property further along the chain, and you can’t move into your new home in Edinburgh on the date you were promised?


We certainly hope this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does there’s no reason to tear your hair out. You don’t even need to arrange storage for your items, because we can relieve you of this tiresome task.

Yes, with our integrated storage option all you need do is ask and we’ll arrange everything, smoothly transferring your possessions from your property in Swansea to secure storage facilities, and then fetching and delivering them when you let us know you are moving into your Edinburgh premises. Problem solved!

Swansea to Edinburgh Removals …And More!

Moving from Swansea to Edinburgh is an opportunity to sell or give away some of the possessions you no longer need, and to get some new things. Why not take advantage of the fact that you have hired a big van and have us drop off some items for you along the way, and/or collect others?

Perhaps your great aunt in Aberystwyth wants to give you a dressing table, or your nephews in Wolverhampton would be thrilled to have your table tennis table? We’d be pleased to visit these places and others on or near the route to Edinburgh: Abergavenny, Hereford, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Darlington, Berwick, Jedburgh – wherever you’d like! Just let us know and we’ll pack the van and plan our route strategically. (We’re tempted to say that we reach the parts others might not, but that would be stealing someone else’s slogan!)

Moving From Swansea To Edinburgh Removals

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(Our ambition is eventually to link a blog entry here: ‘Moving from Swansea to Edinburgh? Don’t miss these things!’)

Swansea to Edinburgh Removals: Personal and Professional!

We like to think we offer the perfect mix of personal and professional in our Swansea to Edinburgh removals service. Our friendly telephone staff will really listen to you and make sure they understand exactly what you want, perhaps prompting you for clarification and further information, if required. Assistance Then we’ll get back to you very speedily with a comprehensive quote.

We must stress that if you need something not mentioned above, please ask! We’ll do what we can to come up with a solution for all your removals problems. You have nothing to lose by calling us on 0131 3321373, or outlining your requirements on our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll respond quickly!

Finally, may all go well with your Swansea to Edinburgh move, even if you choose someone else to help you (though we think we’re a great option)!

Moving From Swansea to Edinburgh Removals
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