Kent and Edinburgh Removals

1stMovers: your first choice for Edinburgh to Kent removals, or Kent to Edinburgh removals!

1stMovers offers a safe and secure Kent to Edinburgh removals service/Edinburgh to Kent removals service.

We provide an impeccable Kent-Edinburgh home removals service, plus other professional removals services!

This page will give you some idea of what we can do for you. Once you’ve had a look, phone 0131 3321373 or contact us online. When you have our highly competitive and free quote in front of you, you’ll have all the information you need to make the right choice of removals company. Man with a van from Edinburgh to Kent or vice versa is no longer required when there is a professional company that can assist with your move for the same price or even less sometimes!

1stMovers’ Edinburgh to Kent removals service/Kent to Edinburgh removals service makes moving home easy

1stMovers offer a great Edinburgh to Kent removals service, and an equally good Kent to Edinburgh removals service.

Years of providing long-distance removals services across the UK have given us the skills and experience to offer our customers a red-carpet service. We know how challenging moving home can be, so we do our utmost to minimise the stress of moving your stuff.

We stick to the timetable and arrive at your old Kent/Edinburgh home at the time we agreed. Then we load our van swiftly, yet with care and attention, using straps and blankets where there is the least chance of damage in transit. Whether it’s moving boxes, furniture or a piano, 1st Movers will handle it with care.

Next, our competent drivers will convey your treasured belongings smoothly to your new Edinburgh/Kent premises. Our methodical employees will then carefully unload the van. They’ll do your bidding to the letter, as they carry your possessions to the exact positions you point out.

Finally, the bill will match the quotation – no hidden extra charges. You will be left feeling extremely satisfied with the value for money we have delivered. (Pardon the pun!)

Not able to enter your new Edinburgh/Kent premises when anticipated? That’s where our integrated storage option comes in!

A useful add-on to our Kent to Edinburgh removals service/Edinburgh to Kent removals service is our storage option.

It’s disheartening not to be able to move directly from one property to another. If property chain problems should land you in this situation, don’t despair. We can at least take the burden of organising storage from you, with our integrated storage option.

We’ll book trusted facilities at a great price ,and convey your household contents safely there. Of course, we shall then collect  and deliver them to your new Kent/Edinburgh home when you tell us you can at last move in.

Enquire online, or dial 0131 3321373, if this service interests you.

Kent to Edinburgh removals/Edinburgh to Kent removals… and along the way also

It’s an easy matter for us to make minor diversions from the Edinburgh-Kent route. Profit from this by asking us to drop off things you no longer want as we go, assuming you have relatives or friends who live near the route who would appreciate them! If they want to pass on items to you, we can also pick these up for you. As long as any detours would be relatively short, this shouldn’t add much to the total cost of moving a home’s contents from Edinburgh to Kent or the other way.

Edinburgh to Kent/Kent to Edinburgh Removals

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Much more than Kent-Edinburgh domestic removals

Our Edinburgh to Kent removals services include pianos and offices, as do our Kent to Edinburgh removals services.

Apart from those described above, 1stMovers offers the following professional services for those moving from Kent to Edinburgh or moving from Edinburgh to Kent:

The last two services are particularly appreciated by people moving home under tight tight time constraints!

You can probably tell that we try to offer a comprehensive suite of Kent to Edinburgh removals services/Edinburgh to Kent removals services. If you have any needs not mentioned above, don’t hesitate to ask if we can help. It’s likely that we can!

Pick up your phone now and dial 0131 3321373 to chat about how 1stMovers can help you relocate to Edinburgh from Kent or to Kent from Edinburgh . (If you prefer, use our Online Enquiry Form). We should be able to provide you with an appealing quotation!



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