Highlands and Edinburgh Removals

Our Highlands to Edinburgh removals service (and Edinburgh to the Highlands removals service) can help you move between anywhere in Highlands and Edinburgh.

Quality Edinburgh to Highlands removals/Highlands to Edinburgh removals – that’s what 1stMovers offers!

If you’re looking for a great Edinburgh to the Highlands removals service, or Highlands to Edinburgh removals service, consider what we say below. Then let us know what we can do for you via Online Enquiry Form, or phone us on 0131 3321373. We’ll get back to you soon with an excellent free quote!

A great choice of home removals service, if you’re moving from Edinburgh to the Highlands or moving from the Highlands to Edinburgh

Regardless of the direction of your move – the Highlands to Edinburgh, or Edinburgh to the Highlands – we are a great choice for home removals. Edinburgh-based, we have carried out many successful removals to and from the Highlands over the years. By ‘successful’, we mean a move in which we have at least fulfilled all our customer’s expectations, if not exceeded them. So we suggest you not getting a man with a van from Edinburgh to Highlands (or in the opposite direction) before checking the information below and considering the pros of hiring a professional company for the same price.

1stMovers' Highlands to Edinburgh removals service can make moving easy. Ditto for our Edinburgh to Highlands removals service.

From the moment we arrive to clear your old property, bang on time, our experienced staff will inspire confidence. Courteous and professional, yet friendly, they will work smoothly and efficiently to move your stuff with great care into our van. They will be happy to follow any special directions you give them. Your most fragile items will be swaddled with blankets and secured so that no harm will befall them on the long journey to your new home.

Our staff will contact you from the road (or sea) if they encounter any problems, such as changes in ferry times or tailbacks on the roads. This means that you will know exactly when to expect them at your new address. As soon as they get there, they will unload with the same diligence as they loaded, and again follow any instructions you give.

You’ll probably be surprised by just how quick and painless the whole procedure is. We give fabulous value for money, because we take pride in our work, and because we wouldn’t stay in business if we didn’t!

Edinburgh to Highland/Highland to Edinburgh Removals

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Taking a weight off your shoulders: our storage offer

Although we are a removals company and not a storage one, we have worked with plenty of the latter over the years. This means we are well placed to book reliable storage facilities for our clients at a great price. We can provide storage options both large-scale and smallish moves so please feel free to enquire no matter if you are moving boxes, furniture or a piano.

This add-on service to our standard Highlands-Edinburgh removals one comes into its own when you receive disappointing news that your new property will not be available until some time after you have had to leave your old one. If this happens, don’t be downhearted. We can leap into action and organise everything. We’ll clear your old property. Then we’ll stow everything away in a storage facility we know and trust. Finally, we’ll fetch everything from storage when you can move into your new place, and we’ll deliver all your possessions there in perfect condition.

Making the most of our Edinburgh to the Highlands removals service/the Highlands to Edinburgh removals service

Here’s a tip for getting maximum value from hiring 1stMovers to help you move from the Highlands to Edinburgh (or from Edinburgh to the Highlands).

Consider if you have any friends or relatives living near or on the route between your old and new addresses, and if they would appreciate any of the items you no longer need. For example, if you have children who have outgrown their toys, perhaps you’d like to pass these on to someone who would like them? We could drop such things off for you for a minimal extra charge! It’s equally possible for us to collect things for you, as we drive between your Hebrides and Edinburgh properties. Have a think about this, anyway.

Edinburgh to Highland/Highland to Edinburgh Removals

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More Edinburgh to Highlands removals services (and Highlands to Edinburgh removals services)

More than domestic Highlands to Edinburgh removals, or Edinburgh to Highlands removals - we do pianos too.

There are several other services we offer if you are moving from the Highlands to Edinburgh, or moving from Edinburgh to the Highlands. Yes, 1stMovers does more than domestic removals! We are experts at office removals. We are also experienced piano movers. In addition, we clean properties, and we can pack for you as well.

Please use our Online Enquiry Form, (or call us on 0131 3321373) to outline any other services you need. We can often come up with solutions at great prices, so just try us if you want to relocate to Edinburgh from Highlands or vice versa!

Have a great Highlands-Edinburgh move!  (If you book 1stMovers to assist, we’re sure you will!)



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