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Agonising over the choice of an Edinburgh to Durham removals service or Durham to Edinburgh removals service?

Agonise no more. Glance through the information below. Then phone 0131 3321373 or contact us via our Online Enquiry Form. We’ll furnish you with a free quote in a jiffy!

If you’re moving from Edinburgh to Durham or moving from Durham to Edinburgh, we can offer you a superb home removals service!

Once you have used 1stMovers' Durham to Edinburgh removals service you may miss Durham Cathedral, but you can see St Giles! Once you have used 1stMovers' Edinburgh to Durham removals service you may miss St Giles Kirk, but you can see Durham Cathedral!

Whether you’re moving to or from Scotland – Durham to Edinburgh, or Edinburgh to Durham – 1stMovers can help. We are a long-established, Edinburgh-based company. The pride we take in the quality of our service is reflected in our reviews. If you want peace of mind at a great price, we think we’re an excellent choice for home removals. We suggest you not get a man with a van from Edinburgh to Durham or vice versa, when you can hire professional company to move your stuff for the same price or even less.

We’ll look after your possessions expertly, as we have years of practice. We are good communicators. Therefore we listen carefully to our clients’ requests (and carry them out). Then we keep them informed of any road problems as we drive between Edinburgh and Durham, so that they will always have a good idea of our arrival time. In addition, we work quickly and efficiently, and we are always courteous and friendly. Finally, we offer this totally professional service for an extremely competitive fee. Just ask us for a quote!


Edinburgh to Durham/Durham to Edinburgh

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Storage: a handy addition to our Edinburgh to Durham removals service or Durham to Edinburgh removals service

If you need storage as part of Durham to Edinburgh or Edinburgh to Durham removals service, 1stMovers can help.

We specialise in offering a top-notch removals service. Accordingly, we don’t actually have storage facilities ourselves. However, we know a lot about storage. We often book facilities for clients, arranging great deals for them. This comes in particularly useful when there’s a glitch in the property chain and they end up stuck between properties.

If this unfortunate situation should arise for you, we can take matters out of your hands and organise everything. Just give us the word. We’ll reserve trusted facilities and transport your possessions to and from these on the days that suit you best, with all the professional care you would expect. This integrated storage option can be a real stress-buster!

Durham-Edinburgh removals, plus pick-ups/drop-offs in between

Whether you want to relocate to Edinburgh from Durham or from Durham to Edinburgh, you have an opportunity which you might not have thought of!

Assuming you are hiring 1stMovers, we’ll be taking a sizeable vehicle loaded with all your belongings between these destinations. Whether you are moving boxes or furniture, we can provide you are suitable option and price. It would be a relatively small additional task for us to deliver or collect the odd item along the way. Therefore you may  want to make a list of things you no longer need, and of the friends and relatives who might value them. Provided they live in the vicinity of Edinburgh or Durham, or somewhere not too far off the route between them, we could deliver your unwanted items for a modest extra fee. If you have acquaintances on or near the route who wish to give things to you, we can equally easily collect these.

Yet more Durham to Edinburgh removals services/Edinburgh to Durham removals services

Apart from the services described above, 1stMovers offers a professional office-removal service, a piano-removal service, a cleaning service and a packing service. These are all tried and tested services we have offered for years.

Let 1stMovers help with all your Durham to Edinburgh removals needs. Or your Edinburgh to Bath removals needs, for that matter.

However, if you have an unusual Durham to Edinburgh removals need (or Edinburgh to Durham removals need) not mentioned on this web page, we are open to exploring how we could meet it. Please just ask.

You can phone us on 0131 3321373 or approach us through our Online Enquiry Form. We guarantee a sympathetic and speedy response. You have much to gain, and nothing at all to lose, by requesting a free quote, so go ahead!

We wish you a great Edinburgh-Durham moving experience! (Choosing our Durham to Edinburgh removals service, or our Edinburgh to Durham removals service, would be an excellent start!)



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