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After using our Aberdeen to Edinburgh removals service you'll have beautiful scenes like this on your doorstep.

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Part-load Aberdeen to Edinburgh Removals: Surprisingly economical

How can we offer a great deal on a part-load service? Easy! We match you with someone else moving boxes, furniture or other possessions from Aberdeenshire to the Lothians. That lets us fill our van and so we can split the overheads between you! All we’ll need from you to arrange this is an idea of what you want us to move for you and a little bit of flexibility regarding the date.

Our standard Aberdeen to Edinburgh Removals service: All your house contents

Moving home from Aberdeen to Edinburgh?

Our Aberdeen to Edinburgh removals service includes positioning items just where you request.

We’ll allocate you as many vans as you require, and skilled removals staff to load everything, both quickly and carefully. We’ll turn up at the time you request, and our friendly employees will note any special requests you might have. Barring unforeseen traffic issues (which we’ll tell you about), in just a few hours all your goods will have been installed in your new Edinburgh home, in perfect condition. (And we’re very happy to position things exactly as you instruct.)

Aberdeen To Edinburgh Removals

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Storage, for when you can’t move in immediately

Should you be unlucky, and not receive the keys of your Edinburgh home at the time you have to leave Aberdeen, don’t worry! We can take the stress out of this situation by organising storage for you. We’ll book highly rated storage facilities, move your stuff there, and fetch them later, when you request, delivering them in excellent order to your new Edinburgh premises.

More than a ‘normal’ Aberdeen to Edinburgh Removals service

1stMovers offers an excellent Aberdeen to Edinburgh piano removals service.

We do a lot more than straightforward domestic removals. If you’re moving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh in a hurry and need help with packing and cleaning, then just ask us – these are two of our extra services. We also offer professional office and piano removals.

Another suggestion we have for you, if you need to relocate to Edinburgh from Aberdeen and have hired one of our vans to help, is to make the most of this by getting us to pick up and drop things off along the way. You may have an item or two which you no longer require, but which a friend or relative wold appreciate, or vice versa? We’d be happy to drop by Stonehaven, Carnoustie, Dundee, etc. As long as the detour isn’t huge, we can do this for only a small additional charge!


Aberdeen To Edinburgh Removals

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Aberdeen to Edinburgh removals made easy

Having read the above, we hope you’ll now have a fair idea of the services we offer to make moving from Aberdeen to Edinburgh – Aberdeenshire to the Lothians – easy and stress-free.

Let us know if there’s a removals-related service not covered on this page which you would appreciate. We can probably do it, so just ask! Phone 0131 3321373 or use our Online Enquiry Form. We promise to respond quickly.

May your move be a lot better than ‘nae bad’! 1stMovers would love to help! Feel free to give us a call and discuss your move even if you think a man with a van from Aberdeen to Edinburgh will cost you less. You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that sometimes a professional company is able to assist for the same price!

Moving from Aberdeen To Edinburgh

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