Why do Piano Disposals cost as much as Piano moves?


Piano disposal

Pianos are beautiful instruments and melodious however they can’t just go forever, at some point in their life, you have to give up on one of your loved possessions. Piano disposal is normally the last resort, piano owners, most of the time would prefer to donate it, or depending upon the circumstances have it moved to their new location or have it repaired, if performance was an issue. But if none of it is possible, piano recycling is the only choice.

We also provide a piano disposal and recycling service details of which can be seen here. A lot of people get surprised when they contact us and find out that the disposal of the piano is not costing any less than it is to move it to a friend, and some of them rightly think why? Why when they don’t care if the piano breaks on the way, the same care is not required?

So let’s explore some details to see what exactly is affecting the cost of a piano disposal:

Same Man Power Required:

The man power required to move the piano remains the same, whether you are moving the piano to a friend or whether you are disposing it, if it is on a second floor and needs 3 people to bring it down, it will still require 3 people whether it works or it doesn’t.




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It takes the same time as a Piano Removal:

Whilst some customers might think that in a piano move we just have to take it from address A to B, and in recycling or disposal it is only taking it away from their address, this is NOT TRUE. The second address most likely is the skip, we have to navigate through town and go to the nearest skip, where we shall unload the piano from the vehicle into their designated area.
We try our best to donate pianos, even if it is for parts, but even in those instances, we need to take them a second address, there is no way that the piano can just stay in a van and not go anywhere. So although it may appear to the customer that we came, collected the piano and left, the job isn’t over and carries on beyond the customers collection address.


Same Level of Care as a Piano Removal:

The time it takes to do a removal job can also be linked to the level of care required. One must think that a piano disposal may not need the same level of care as a working piano. This is partly true, but that part is a very tiny part, for instance you don’t have to be over the top when covering it to avoid scratches etc. in the back of the vehicle. However, for most part the care element remains a vital part.Piano

This is because we need to exercise care to protect the property during transit, particularly the floors, doors and walls. In case of internal stairs, banisters can require a lot of care, and spiral stairs are no less than a nightmare. Sometime it becomes immaterial as to what will happen to the piano once it is out of the property but the main task only seems to be getting it outside the property.

The care element is not just limited to the property but also the men involved in the move and the inhabitants of the property, we need to ensure we keep everyone out of the way, and we need to ensure that we are also out of danger when lifting such a heavy item. Once it is being hoisted in the van, the vehicle’s tail lift and the storage space also needs some level of protection from these heavy beasts, no different to that of a piano move.

Skip Charges for Piano Disposal:

There is an additional charge which isn’t even a cost if you are moving the piano from one address to another, but when it comes to disposal, the skip has its own charges. When we take a piano to the skip, the council charges us by the weight, and pianos being very “light” the charges are generous. This additional cost is never involved in a piano move which is why a disposal costs just as much or more.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into piano disposals and why they cost as much as piano removals. And the whole process isn’t a secret for anyone.

In short, not only is the cost of disposal more than moving the piano to another address, you will also need to hire a professional company for the disposal as you need to ensure that your personal and communal property is protected and safe especially if you are in a flat or apartment and there are communal areas of access.

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