Thinking to Hire a van yourself?

Hiring a van for personal use can be a daunting prospect, not least because of the complexities involved – one has to be over 25, possess a driving licence and have around £700 spare on a credit card for a deposit. While renting a van might not seem as expensive as getting a proper team, costs can often spiral with fuel, time taken to collect and take back the van – it all adds up.
Navigating through a city with a large, unfamiliar vehicle can be a rotten experience and one we wouldn’t advise unless you’re a very secure driver. A lot of private van hire companies close at noon on Saturday, so if you do hire a van over the weekend you will often have to return it Monday morning, which isn’t cheap.



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Remember that if there’s even a scratch on the van then your deposit’s gone. Our advice is to let others deal with all the hassle. Why put yourself through that?

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We don’t provide just a van hire service, we offer a better alternative – hire not only a van but a driver too, and porters if necessary; the van comes to you, the stuff is loaded and unloaded without stress, and you just have to smile for making the right choice.

Renting only a van only adds to the stress of moving, as anyone who’s done this can attest, and for short moves often works out at the same price, if not more, as hiring our team. Make your move a little bit easier by hiring those you can trust.

You get 1st Movers to your door at the time you choose, and the driver/porter can help you load, or if you want extra porters can help pack and load as well. Don’t forget to check our latest offers.