8 Reasons to hire an office moving company!


An office moving company is what you need when moving an office. You may be thinking a routine removal company will be fine for helping with your office relocation. But, that is really not the case, an office removal is very different from what is involved in a house removal.  And, office removals in Edinburgh can be even more unique if your location happens to be in some of the older buildings in old town and sometime even new town.

Here are the 8 reasons why you need an office removal firm to assist with your office move.


1. Office Contents are different:Office Moving Company

Office moving companies know that they shall not be expected to move washing machines or American fridges during office moves. Instead, there shall be photocopiers, large heavy printers, computer servers, virtual conference equipment , and loads of computer monitors with keyboards. Moving these items need different care practices, compared to moving beds and mattresses for a domestic removal. There can also be a very close coordination required with the IT people, especially if they are handling all the computers and servers.
Office moving companies are familiar with such needs, and have the expertise in dealing with delicate office equipment during office moves.


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2. Packing Materials For Office Moves are different:

Packing requirements can be very specific for office moves. For instance, if your computers house very important data, it is advisable to use anti-static bubble wrap for protecting the central processing units (CPUs) – a house removals company wouldn’t know about it. But an office removal company will consider it as a standard practice.

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There are protective screen covers available for the monitors, should you wish more protection than the removals blankets. These are hardback screen protectors, and come in various sizes to protect the computer monitors.

Office crates are very popular, as opposed to cardboard boxes for moving personal contents of the employees. Each desk gets a crate or two and all their files and folders can be tucked away in that crate, which is then labelled and sealed before the move.

Heavy printers, plotters, and photocopiers can require pallet trucks, whereas if your office has a safe – please don’t forget to mention it separately – it can be extremely heavy and can require a lot of raw man power as well as specialist equipment.

An office moving company will be familiar with these items and various scenarios and complexities involved in conducting office moves, whereas a normal moving company that does not conduct office moves regularly, can well be clueless.



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3. Office Moves need planning:

Office moves often involve labelled crates which would have personal contents of your colleagues, and each one of those crates will need to be moved to the new desk of the respective worker. Some employees even insist on having their own monitors, keyboard and mouse, not just the computer. So ensuring that the keyboard, mouse, CPU and the screens get transported – along with your personal crate – from your old desk to the one in the new office magically, and all your colleagues enjoying the same service, needs special planning and execution.

We are all attached to our keyboards and monitors and you don’t want to move to a new office, and find your items have been mixed up. Unless, of course, you are getting new IT equipment in your new office. In which instance,  office movers can remove, donate, or dispose your old IT equipment.



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4. Office Removal Timings are tight:Office Removals

Office Moves are a lot more organized and time restricted, the buildings are commercial so they have different rules and it needs to be done in a specific order to ensure maximum efficiency during the moving process.

Office moves are mostly time bound. A lot of the times, an office removal company will need to put in extra work force just to ensure that the move is conducted within the given time frame. So the employees can return and resume work the without disruption.

Most of the small office moves take place between 9am-5pm during a working day, but we have moved the likes of www.booking.com over a weekend; the time restriction is a common element, the ones on a weekday need to be strictly done within working hours of the employees, which is mostly between 9am – 5pm.

The larger weekend office moves would only allow an office moving company the time between Friday evening, and end of the day Sunday to finish everything. So everyone leaves after work on Friday and comes back on Monday morning to continue working in their new office, with everything moved to their new desks.

We are used to working with tight schedules and understand the need for the removal to be performed efficiently, to allow the organization to focus on their main business, by returning to their operations as soon as possible.

Ideally most office moves take place on Friday or Saturday to ensure an up and running office for Monday morning, and this again requires a very strict logistical and operational planning.



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5. Office Relocations require dismantling more often:

Office relocations involve large items of furniture like meeting tables and desks. These items cannot always go through the doors without dismantling. So most of the business moves require the dismantling and assembling of such furniture items. Business moving companies would usually come prepared with the right set of tools and charged drills for execution of such tasks.

Besides the tools, the team needs expertise in dismantling the furniture items swiftly. Storing and transporting the screws and bolts for the furniture also need specific planning. Normally, these loose bits are placed in a plastic bag and taped to the inner side of the furniture, so each table or desk, has its bolts transported with it. Although small, such details can make a huge different in the overall quality of the move. And, it improves the time and efficiency of the moving process itself. In business relocation, such efficiency is essential, as businesses cannot operate with half assembled desks and meeting tables.



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6. Business Relocations can require specialised tools:

Business relocation can require different tools, such as pallet trucks. If you attempt to move large printers or photocopying machines without pallet trucks, the probability of damage increases. Whereas, when moved with correct tools like pallet trucks etc. they can be moved much more safely reducing the risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

Similarly, crates are very vital equipment for office removals because they help organize and protect the desktops for each individual cubicle or office; this brings us back to the critical planning that takes place for office moves to ensure every cubicle has their own crates and their stuff is placed accordingly rather than mixed with other cubicles.

Moving office furniture can require technically equipped man power as some items like fire safes and printers can be very heavy.



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7. Business Moves have more Electronic/IT Equipment:

A house move may have 2 to 3 televisions, but office environment can have 2 screens for each desk, so there can be hundreds of monitors to be moved. Similarly, a business moving company can find itself unplugging and installing various IT equipment, if the IT team is not present and something is essential or urgent in nature. Therefore, the staff on the job, needs not only to be familiar with handling IT stuff, but installing it on some occasions.


8. Common building access and relevant Insurances:

Some offices may not occupy the whole building, it is very common to be based in a big building. And, more often than not, your building owner would require the moving company to have enough public liability cover to even enter the building.

Office Relocation

In sensitive building like laboratories etc. we are required to carry out risk assessments and present appropriate level of public liability cover for us to be granted access.

Office moving companies are familiar with such requirements and procedures and can comply with them, as and when required.

In a house move, it is only the residents of the house, so it isn’t so busy or crowded. Business moves can be in shared building and other companies could well be using the building whilst your business is relocating. Office removal firms are used to navigating through the common areas without causing disruption to other occupants of the building.



Whilst there are several other reasons to pick an office moving company over a usual removal team, we wanted to bring the most important ones to your attention. Feel free  to suggest if you would like us to add to the list above. And, we wish you a very happy moving experience.



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