Moving Tips


Good packing is essential, so here are a couple of pointers that will make things a bit easier.

Moving Tips

Mark which boxes contain what – trust us when we say this will later seem like your best decision ever!
Remember to always mark fragile boxes! This will ensure fair treatment of your possessions.
Put heavier items such as books into smaller boxes, with lighter items going into larger ones. Never make a box heavier than you can handle yourself, as you may well have to.

Wrap delicate or fragile items in bubble wrap or foam paper. Be careful of newspaper, as it can smudge and leave a mark. We’d advise taping up any wrappings so you can clearly identify them later.



Remove any staples from the corners of boxes as they can scratch the contents.
Tape boxes shut thoroughly: at least 3 pieces extending as far down as halfway on the sides.
Don’t pack anything important that you can keep with you – passports, credit cards, chequebooks, etc. Wrap oil paintings in a non-acidic clear material inside bubble wrap before placing in a flattened box, taped at either end. Ones with glass frames should be put in something soft, like a blanket, before going into a specialised picture carton, or being carefully packed alongside other pictures in a secure box.


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Fridges and freezers
These should be completely emptied and defrosted.

These should be cleaned as the grease may cause problems in transit.  A plumber may be needed to disconnect gas ovens.

Washing machines
Disconnect and empty them. A drum-locking bar should be fitted to most modern machines.


China, Glass and Lamps:

These require great care. Use several sheets of newspaper and layer the bottom of the box. Wrap up the glass and china with white paper and place them in a box. Once done, place more newspaper on top. Repeat the process until the box is full.


Individually wrap glasses and place them standing up.

Plates should also be individually wrapped but placed on their side. (Otherwise, If the box is set down too strongly all of the weight will transfer to the bottom few plates, which could easily break.)

You might want to use soft items like cushions to provide extra padding. Bubble wrap will do too.



Plants and Garden Tools:

With smaller plants put 5 or 6 in a carton with packing material in between so they don’t topple over. Leave larger plants to your mover to deal with. In winter, frost can cause problems on long journeys, especially for more delicate plants. Make sure roots are bagged to avoid loose soil in the back of the van.

Tools should be cleaned. Make neat bundles by binding them tightly with packing tape.


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