Great Things about Moving from London to Inverness

So you’re moving from London to Inverness, from the capital of the UK to the capital of the Highlands? Congratulations, what a change awaits you! Here are some of the good things that lie ahead. (Of course, there are hundreds of great things about Inverness and its surroundings. We can only give you a very small and personal selection here!)


Inverness Itself:Moving from London to Inverness

Inverness is not only beautifully situated at the top of the Great Glen and within easy reach of some of Scotland’s most magnificent scenery, it’s also a charming little city itself.

Yes, it is tiny compared to London, with fewer than 65,000 inhabitants according to a 2016 estimate. Indeed, the entire population of the Highland Council area is under quarter of a million. Compare this with Greater London’s more than eight million, so there are plenty of wide open green spaces and it is highly unlikely you will ever feel crowded!

Like London, Inverness has a famous river running through it. In this case the River Ness, which runs from the famous Loch Ness to the Moray Firth. Legend says the former contains a monster, whereas the latter definitely holds dolphins, which you can see for yourself if you take a dolphin-viewing boat trip!

Of course, Inverness couldn’t possibly have all the cultural draws of London, but it does have a first-class, modern Museum and Art Gallery, with excellent displays of arts and craft, local history and highland wildlife certain to entertain and educate both children and adults. What’s more, it’s only a short distance from Inverness Castle, where there is a viewpoint giving a stunning panoramic view over this compact city. Tip: if you’re short of cash you can still get a great view from nearby without paying to go to the top. This photograph was taken from there by one of our staff.


Moving from London to Inverness
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If it’s Scottish traditional music you’re after, or if you have never experienced it, we recommend you visit Hootananny. This place will immediately put you in touch with the wider traditional music scene in the Highlands and Islands, so we don’t need to tell you any more here! (Yes, London also has Scottish traditional music, but you’ll probably have to spend hours travelling to find it. It’s something special to see it where its roots are.)

Of course, the Highlands and Islands are famous for the amber liquid known as whisky (not ‘whiskey’, that’s not Scotch!), and there are plenty of distilleries to visit, but did you know that gin is also on the rise, and that Inverness hosts its own five-day Whisky and Gin Festival, ‘spread throughout various venues in and around the Highland capital’?


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While bears, wolves and lynx no longer prowl the highlands, there are still many other fascinating creatures in the Inverness area (see above for a mention of dolphins), and reindeer have been reintroduced! We highly recommend a visit to the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre near Aviemore, south-east of Inverness, where you can visit, on foot, a free-ranging herd of these beautiful, hardy and gentle creatures.


Hills and mountains:

If you’re into climbing, hill-walking or winter sports, then Inverness is your place, or perhaps Aviemore, only 43 miles away in Cairngorms National Park!


The Great Glen:Moving from London to Inverness

Finally, we mention the Great Glen, that scenic geological fault through Scotland comprising the River Ness (Abhainn Nis), Loch Dochfour (Loch Dabhach Phuir), Loch Ness (Loch Nis), River Oich (Abhainn Omhaich), Loch Oich (Loch Omhaich), Loch Lochy (Loch Lochaidh), River Lochy (Abhainn Lochaidh) and Loch Linnhe (An Linne Dhubh). This route was made navigable by boat by the construction of the Caledonian Canal. Nowadays there are the Great Glen Ways, for walkers, cyclists and canoeists! There are many scenic sights along this historic route, including the amazing series of lochs at Fort Augustus.


Anyway, if you are thinking of moving from London to Inverness, and need a great removals service, you could do worse than find out about us and ask for a free quote! We offer a high-quality and excellent-value London to Inverness removals service, and would love to help.

Moving from London to Inverness

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