Some of us may have the idea of moving a piano ourselves to save the hundreds of Pounds, I can obviously understand that BUT you may not understand the risks – that’s what I’m here for to discourage that very bad idea you’re having!

It may be easy to Move it from one room to the other ….. BUT do you think you’ll be able to move an Upright or Grand Piano up or down the stairs? Let’s be realistic here:


1.   You’ll Injure Yourself!

SAFETY FIRST! Imagine yourself and a few friends helping you move that expensive upright or Grand Piano down a flight of stairs. Now,imagine someone losing their grip and the piano starts wobbling! Then, supposing that it in the midst of your desperate efforts to regain control of it, it suddenly gets away from one of you completely! Now I don’t need to explain what happens next but for the sake of it if one of you hadn’t made way you could get severely injured! It’s not something light and easy to move around even professional teams can fall short! Saving money was NOT worth the pain now was it?


2.  You’ll Damage the Piano:

Keeping in mind Reason 1 If the Piano Does fall say Goodbye to that expensive piano cause it’s going to get repaired and then tune, well the money you were saving? You now have to pay double for the repair.
In case the Piano Does not Fall, you could accidentally scratch the pianos moving up and down the stairs or pulling it against the floor, it’s not worth it!




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3.  You’ll Damage the Floor, Walls & Railing:

Moving a Piano can be rough and professionals having years of experience can be gentle but moving it yourself on the other side is a complete different story.
You could damage the Paint on your walls or cause scratches to that fine finished wooden floors. Keep in mind that the wheels on the Piano are not for moving purpose and if there are stairs involved well the railings could get chipped or dented, so guess again. YOU ARE NOT SAVING MONEY!





4. Tools and Skills Needed to Move a Piano:

Most fully assembled pianos aren’t going to fit through doors and around corners; Professional Piano Movers know how to quickly take the instruments apart, transport them and re-assemble them, which you may find time consuming or just may damage the piano.
Moving a piano usually requires using special boards and dollies that can move hundreds or even 1,000 pounds across a floor without causing damage, this equipment isn’t cheap!
But that kind of equipment and the knowledge of how to use it will ensure your piano gets where it’s going without scratches, and that it still works when you sit down to play it.



5.  Save Time and Money:

You may think that you will save yourself a lot of time and money if you move the piano yourself. Typically, this is not the case. With their experience and specialized equipment, professional movers can complete piano removals in just a fraction of the time it would take you and your friend to do. So you’re really not saving time and as far as money is concerned see Reason 1 because Injuring yourself results in hospital bills and damaging the Piano well it’ll cost more to repair then it would have if you had hired a Professional!

The good news is that the piano moving services can be very affordable, if you work with the right company. If you are in the Scotland I can refer you to 1st Movers! They’ll move an Upright in £120! When you work with Professional Piano Movers, you can get a free quote right online. This will let you know right from the start just how much everything will cost. Their team of professional movers has more than 15 years of experience and they have moved all types of pianos.



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