Why 1st Movers?

Choosing a moving company is not as straight forward as buying something tangible where the product can be seen before purchase.  Multiple factors need to be considered when finalizing a removal firm. Here are six reasons why our customers choose us.

  • We are the recommended ones:

    Yes, even Google recommends us.Google Recommendation
    Our existing loyal customers search for us by name to the degree that when you search for ‘Edinburgh Removals’ Google suggests us. To our customers ‘Edinburgh Removals’ and ‘1st Movers’ are synonymous; you are welcome to join the club.
  • We’d like you to hire us.
    This is a simple yet compelling reason, we’d like you to hire us – not many companies will tell you that. When you hire us we understand that you chose us from of the rest, to acknowledge this and return the favour, we provide spot on services to reward you for making the right choice.
  • Transparent Pricing:
    You will pay what you were made to think you are going to pay. Hidden costs are sadly a bid problem in moving industry.
  • Friendly & Courteous Staff:
    From your first point of contact to the end of your move, You will be treated with respect and courtesy, this extends to your belongings as well. Call us and you will notice a difference. Moving heavy objects, climbing stairs and smiling don’t seem to always go together – it may even be true for you – unless its 1stMovers staff. Porters’ job is a very hard one and maintaining a good sense of humour and professional attitude is an acquired skill which comes with practice. We only use porters who love the physical exercise aspect and enjoy a good workout.
  • We Move Belongings:
    Our team members are conscious that we are moving your belonging and not boxes; this is how we distinguish ourselves from other companies.
  • Deal with a legit business:
    We are a proper registered limited company incorporated in Companies House Edinburgh. 1st Movers Ltd is a legal entity and when you make a booking with us, you enter into a valid, legal and enforceable contract with 1st Movers Ltd. This way you have a comeback even though you won’t need it.
    Going to ‘XYZ Movers’ website and making a booking does not mean you have a valid contract or a comeback. A contract is between two parties, you need to establish who the second party is, if there is one.  For a company to exist it needs to be incorporated otherwise you will have to enter into a contract with the proprietor which may require further due diligence.


We try hard to achieve customer satisfaction, please consult our testimonial page to see what our customers have to say about our moving service. Our booking process is described in our How to Book section.

To see if we are available to assist with your move, please provide your moving plan using our online enquiry form. Don’t forget to see our current promotions

See you soon 🙂



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