Packing your items

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times and packing all the household items can be a total nightmare. Packing is one of the most important things to cross off first on a moving checklist. There are some tips available to relieve the strain of packing.

Do it now

Don’t leave the packing until the last minute. It causes more stress and inevitably, will lead to breakages. Where possible, find some time to pack the items before moving house in Clapham, preferably one-two months before the removal company comes to the property for the removal.

Daytime packing

Most human beings tend to be more alert and energetic during the day, rather than at night. For that reason, it is best to pack the household items during the day rather than at night. Try to do as much packing as possible at the weekend.

Invest in boxes

It is a good idea to buy or obtain plenty of boxes before you start packing.Reuse old boxes from previous moves. If you don’t have any old boxes, most storage or housewares companies will sell boxes in their stores. Some of the bigger electrical stores will give customers used boxes for free.

Take care with delicates

Take your time when you pack any delicate items, such as glass or dishes. Always pack as many items at the top of a box rather than the bottom, as they are less likely to break. Try to use a large amount of bubble wrap for each item as that gives the household items more protection from breakage.

Label the boxes

It seems a simple thing to do, but in the rush when you’re moving house, most people forget to label their boxes. Once the box is packed and sealed, mark clearly on the side of the box what items are inside i.e. shoes, clothes, books, etc. It is usually best to use a dark marker pen which doesn’t smudge. Failure to label boxes simply causes more confusion when you arrive at the new home to unpack, as you will not know which items are in which box.

Buy strong tape

When packing the boxes, it is best to seal the box with strong tape. It reduces the chance of the box splitting apart at the top. As you will go through a large amount of tape during the packing progress, it is usually best to buy four to six rolls of strong tape.

Avoid packing too many items

Where possible, try to avoid filling the box with too many items. Although it is good to fill up all the space inside the box, too many items can cause the box to split or make it impossible to seal the box.

Pack lighter items first

It is a good idea to pack any light items, such as cds, letters and small books first. They tend to be quicker and easier to pack. Leave heavier and more difficult items, such as glassware and kitchenware, until last.

Get help

Packing is a lonely process. It is always a good idea to get help, as the packing process is always more enjoyable when you’re not doing it alone. Ask your friends and family to help with the packing. They will usually be only too happy to aid you. If you are alone and struggling to pack all of the items in time for the move, you can always contact a removal company and they will be able to help with your packing on the day of the move.

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