3 Golden rules of choosing a Man with a Van Service.



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If you need some furniture or household items moved, you are going to need a man with a van but the question is how to know if you are hiring the right one.



Here are 3 golden rules:


  1. Ensure that they will turn up:

In order to complete a move successfully the first thing you need to do is ensure that the van will turn up. This can be done by making sure that this man and van service has a website and that they send you a booking confirmation email from their website’s email address, this will form a valid contract between yourself and the owner of the website, or the company if their website and email mentions one. Their email address should be from their own website such as www.movingvanman.co.uk and not from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail and will look something like info@movingvanman.co.uk but NOT thevanmanyoudontneed@gmail.com

This way you shall have something to fall back on if your man and van does not turn-up, otherwise, there isn’t really much you can do. A mere conversation over the phone or an email from a gmail account won’t really form a contract that you can enforce in reality. This little bit of due diligence will go a long way, and most reputable moving firms, will supply things in writing and turn up on the day. This exercise shall filter any risky arrangements you could be making.



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  1. Look for customer reviews and how old the reviews are:

In this day and age looking for customer reviews is a common practice, so don’t let the man with a van search be any different. Not only should you look for the reviews of these removal companies and man with a van, you should also look for how old these removal company reviews are. For instance, if you see a company with 60 reviews, and reading those reviews, you notice they have all been left in the last 1 month, then that should be a concern, as opposed to a firm with 60 reviews over a period of 60 months. This would also tell you that the man with a van establishment has been in business for a few years and by now some reviews may mention repeat usage, if you find a repeat customer in the reviews that would mean the man and van service was reliable.Reviews

If you find negative/neutral reviews, don’t be put off right away, there is good news too. This means the reviews are original, only real customers can leave a neutral or negative review. You can go through the detail of the review and see the cause of customer dissatisfaction, if you can relate to the situation and find it unacceptable simply move to the next man with a van website, but if it sounds like a subjective matter, say e.g. price. You can get a quote and make a judgment yourself, it is something that you can find out in advance and won’t hurt getting a quote.

In summary: look for reviews, their quality, if they sound original including negative ones (sometimes competitors can be nasty to each other); how the business handles the negatives reviews – are they still polite to the customer, you don’t want to go with a nasty company. And the age of the reviews, the older and consistent the removal reviews the more reliable they can be.  Overall, reading the reviews in detail shall tell you everything about a business that you probably wanted to know.



  1. Is cheapest always the best?

I’d say, apply the golden rule. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  Don’t necessarily rely on just the price, because there are so many variables in a removal business that the man with a van guy can cut corners, which can affect the quality of your service, which can vary from late arrival to damaged or even stolen goods and anything in between.Golden rules of choosing man with a van service

Keep price comparison in mind, at the same time; rate your experience of obtaining the quote, the politeness factor, the professionalism etc. And the facilities offered. For example just having a mattress cover included in the price can make all the difference, what’s the point of paying less and sleeping on a mattress which has been dragged on the tarmac, you might as well pay a bit more and get your mattress transferred from one bed to another in a protector, after all you have to sleep on it. Similarly, if it is a piano move, pay more but get someone with a piano dolly, without which you risk serious damage. And for Grand Pianos, simply don’t hire a man with a van, you should go with a piano specialist, price in specialist items becomes a secondary factor.

In summary, apply your judgment when it comes to pricing and don’t just go by the cheapest man with a van in town. There is more to removals then just price.



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