7 Secrets About Moving To a New Home

Moving is almost inevitable part of life nowadays. Whether you got a new job in a different city or you want to chase your dreams on the other side of the world, at some point you will leave your home. Unless you move a lot and you are a hard-core expert in relocation, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. There are many advantages to moving into your new home, but before you fully enjoy all the benefits of your new place, you need to overcome these pitfalls.

You Will Be Anything But Excited

Moving house is definitely not a fun activity. There are tons of resources and articles on how to plan your move and pack up your stuff. Nothing can quite prepare you for the reality. You will be submerged by mixed emotions of excitement and frustrations, determination and despair. Things will mess up at least a couple of times and you will be on the edge to lose your reason. To sum it up, you will be exhausted and stressed most of the time.

Your Leisure Time Will Disappear In Endless Household Chores

You think you can pack up all your things in a single afternoon? You are far from the truth. Cleaning after moving in your new house will also take a lot of your free time. Be ready to dedicate your weekend to the household tasks until you are fully settled. Start packing at least a month before the move. In this way you will take care of everything without the rush and the hassle.

…And the Work is Never Done

At some point you will feel that you will never manage to tackle everything – cleaning before and after the move, packing and unpacking the boxes, de-cluttering and decorating your new place. The list goes on. Once you are done with one thing, a new task will pop up. Don’t worry and be patient. This shall end as well.


You Will Never Have Enough Boxes

When you start packing, be ready to be overwhelmed by the enormous amount of items you own. Things will start emerging from every nook and cranny. You probably didn’t realize how many things you have up to that moment. You will start wondering how you are going to fit all those stuff. To avoid this situation always have extra boxes in hand.

The Move Will Cost You More Than You Think

Chances are your rough estimates of the removal costs will not comply with the harsh reality. You will stumble on numerous hidden costs from the moment you start looking for a home to the day you move in. Compare the prices of moving your belongings and hiring experts. When looking for professional removal services, get at least three quotes from different companies. Ensure that you know how much you will pay for the utilities bills upfront.

You Will Not be in Love with Everything in Your Place

When the initial hassle and frenzy fade away, the doubt will take place. You will notice flaws in your place, you were previously unaware of. Don’t expect everything to perfect and focus on the positive.

This Isn’t Your Last Move

You are already settled and you think that you finally found your place on Earth. This may or may not be true. People nowadays move more often than ever before. There is a big chance that is not your last relocation.

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